What were the toughest bosses for you?

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Definitely blockstock, or maybe Hewgodooko at the end of the game.

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Egm is not cool to fight, he can only be fight by your weapon.

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I'm new to Crashlands and as I tend to do, I cut to the chase and started straight on Insane - I believe going straight to the hardest difficulties prevents picking up bad habits. I just discovered Blockstock last night. I have lots of trouble with groups of mobs, 111 deaths if I remember, but I was surprised to defeat Blockstock on the first try. I beat every enemy the same way. I kite it running in circles, letting my pet do most of the work. All I do is use the blowgun to reinitiate aggro with my pet. Yesterday night, the only embiggened pet I had was Lungo, the Wompit. The match took a good 20 minutes I swear. Ran in laps clockwise, prioritizing staying alive over doing damage. Towards the end, a swarm almost got me, started heading me off at the pass. What a battle. Every single thing kills in one hit. Wow.

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I'm on my 4th time through the game and I have to throw another vote out for Hewgo in insane mode. I had problems with them all at first because I tended to barge in unprepared. After that first time through the game, I spent much more time gathering resources and saving the bosses until I had to take them out to move forward. Bombs, bombs, and more bombs are my basic attack style, but Insane Hewgo doesn't cooperate with this strategy. I've gone back and made some devices I originally ignored and have been trying various pet/device/bomb combinations. I'm getting closer, but haven't been able to outdo his healing lasers.

I think I subconsciously just don't want to finish the game. :sass: :dealwithit:

UPDATE 2/14: Just knocked him out in under 10 minutes with damage reflected juiced up to 380% and dancing in and out of laser beams while healing and tossing depth charges. Damn, that's almost more adrenaline than my poor old heart can take, but what a rush!

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