What were the toughest bosses for you?

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For me, the toughest one, by a large margin of gravestones, is Blockstock. He appears quite early, has many quick hits and a HUGE area attack. There are no great pets or gadgets at this point. Both on Adventure and on Insane I had to drink a lot of speed potions. And on Insane it is particularly trickier since the burning damage greatly surpasses your total health (had some Burn potions with me but forgot to use so...).

I didn't have much trouble on Adventure with bosses in particular (didn't die once to them, even to Blockstock). On Insane, however, I'd give a second place to Baconweed Fairy (again, too early), Toomah (he's SO BIG it's easy to miss an attack coming from behind), and the last Hewgo battle (he throws so much stuff that does continuous damage I had to abuse every single gadget known to BureauPedia).

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Totally agreed. The first boss is the most difficult since i was new and out-geared then.

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Kinda agree on the Baconweed Fairy, doing it early on. He never touched me, but those homing tooth missiles were a constant bother, and the colorful flourish at end where you can't even get close to him was tough also. On Insane later, Toomah gave me all sorts of trouble. Forgot to take any speed boosts, and his poison circle was so huge, that I had a hard time getting out of the way before they hit. Of course the hardest is the last Hewgo, or maybe it's just long & drawnout. Unless you get trapped in a corner, or get tractor beamed, you can really just run around and let your pet do most of the damage. Of course you have to get a few ranged hits in at least to keep pet engaged ...

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Agree with you on blockstock, baconweed fairy and pete.

I think the easiest bosses are the one who shall not be named: Because of how her body has multipile hitboxes
and Toomah: because of how big he is. Eventhough I played on Insane my Bamli easily overpowered them.
Now IHO's attack were easy to dodge, but he was able to one shot me, otherwise he also would have been among the easiest ones in my opinion.

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Another Bamli trainer! This mustachioed marvel kicks everybody's asses (I'm looking at you Monochrome Gallum)! I prefer him just because those shockballs are awesome and do huge damage! However, this led me to a similar situation with EMG, since it's immune to electricity. Suddenly my two sources of damage were cut off (the other being the Thunder Shield). Using a Vomma was enough to make up for the damage though.

IHO was like a Satgat: it's easy to avoid and all, but that single oops and it is over. That unforgiveness that is solely skill-based is what made Insane so enjoyable!

Since I started using the Thunder Shield (it is a mysterious gadget that works way better than the description), I took a liking to wallop everything, so I fought them pretty close. It's easy to get behind Toomah and not see a thing, and die just like that. And the last Hewgo is really long indeed, even with the Megagong. I was circling between DBot, Chrono Shifter and Terrifying Fetish (their cooldowns click quite nicely), but a single distraction and... do it all again. Be it the lasers, explosions, headdrops or all of them together, I just kept failing to dodge!

About the Baconweed Fairy, I died a few times before even realising what was going on. Those teeth are poisonous, so, yeah, one-shot-ish every damn time. To outpace them, just decided to gather a few borers to be able to drink tons of speed potions during the battle.

Baary was surprisingly easy after the previous two (he's basically a big, poisonous Glidopus). And Jessica, Ynnix and the Poteti were somehow unremarkable. I think they were easy but I'm quite sure I died at least once to each.

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In terms of a boss being difficult is dependent on your current player status. So yea early on the bacon fairy is tough. For me tundra hewgo it's the absolute worst boss. I can dodge all the lazers, bombs, and stomping... but as soon as a healing device pops up I lose my shit. It's not just one you throw a bomb at and boom, no more healing device. But when he spawns 5 of them and all you can do to not die is running around. My most recent attempt: got him down to 15% and all of a sudden he goes bat shit. Laser bots everywhere gravity wells covering every inch of floor, making it all worse he is stopping around like a wompit. Having barely stayed alive, he has regained 60% of his heath back. As of today I still haven't killed him. If any one has tips I'll gladly take them.

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Epic Blastcrab does a good job of knocking those out. Bring a stock of 20 minor speed potions. And if you want to go nuts, have electric resist on all your armor, equip the Grounder trinket, and use an Elixir of Insulation — makes everything but the stomp fairly harmless. Perhaps *actually* harmless if you bring your Gallum instead. Don't forget to buff your pet!
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The anger omelet is great, but it's going to be nerfed quite a bit so I recommend abusing it now while you can :evil:

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Tough bosses? Epic gallum and epic gulanti. Nothing more :D Seriously, i died 3 times ( the most) with EMG than other bosses. I have to learn his attack pattern and dodging running healing to beat him. Thats on adventure mode i already completed. I dont know if its the same for challenge or insane mode. IVe just starting to play them.

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@Razoredrainbow I don't know which difficulty you are but if you're up to it, I'd say go fight him without potions. I don't actually remember how it was on Adventure but everything two-hitted me so fast in Insane healing was useless. You can avoid damage pretty well using that trio I mentioned: DBot, Chrono Shifter and Terrifying Fetish (or speed potions, if you still have those from the beginning). The last spot I used for the Thunder Shield (kinda crazy, I know), but you may use it for a good bomb (Depth Chargers are awesome and cheap, or the Big One if you inclined to grind its ingredients).

For trinkets, I usually use the one for more run speed, reduced cooldown timers (the gadgets must cycle!) and pet buffs (damage and crits).

The Megagong helps a lot, but is not necessary. Using whatever elixirs you have handy also helps, especially the Spud Beast one (running speed is never enough!).

For pets, the safe choice is the Vomma. Even nerfed it's still awesome. I go with Bamli but its damage do vary a lot depending of its positioning and which attack it uses. Be sure they are epic, whichever you choose.

@erikzone They are just as tough, and take just as long to defeat. The main difference is that they hit a lot harder. The one time I remember the Epic Gulanti hit me ONCE for 1.5 million of damage, with the Lonsdaelite legendary set. I mean, it's supposed to be continuous damage! I nicknamed them Weapons (from FF VII), being the Epic Blastcrab Ultima Weapon; Epic Gallum, Emerald Weapon; and Epic Gulanti, Ruby Weapon. It makes sense since they are completely optional (the essences are given in quests), tougher than bosses in sheer raw power, and their reward for beating them completely lackluster by the time you are able to beat them. With some practice, (and the Megagong!), they eventually get easier than last Hewgo, especially the Gallum if you use Bamli (the 5 shock orbs take about one third of its HP every time!). Facing them as bosses helps a lot, which means not wasting the shortcuts with potions and the Blimp, for instance.

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