Game crash plz help

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Hi there I have made some progress on the game already ,but suddenly when I trying to open the map the game crash
I'm playing on Apple iPad download from iTunes . Already tried to reinstall plz help

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Please give more information. What version of iPad? Is your save in the cloud? Is there an error message?

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the problem same with me..
im play on ipad 2.2 ios 9.3.2..
badly, every time i opened map, my app got crash..
what can i do to fix this problem, btw ??

im love this game already, this is my type game :D

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Games crashes randomly every 30mins or so. Had graphics all turned on high. Turned off no help

I'm on android Oreo 8.0.0 on a Google pixel c tablet using Xbox one s controller over Bluetooth.

Crashlands version 1.2.16

Any ideas how to fix? It's not a huge problem. I only lose a few seconds of play time.

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Not sure! We sometimes find memory leaks and things that explain this stuff, but I'm not aware of any we're currently dealing with. We do have some updates in the pipe that may fix it.

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