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Hey all, I did a quick search and it doesn't seem like anybody has posed this idea yet. I feel like Crashlands would port really well to at least the 3DS. Nintendo has made the process for submitting games to them easier than it has ever been and I think a whole new realm of players could be added this way.

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The main problem with porting to 3DS is we'd have to spend a lot of time tweaking the game to do something interesting with the dual screen. We've had some talks with Nintendo, and they're pretty hesitant about letting us have BscotchID on their platform. That's a no-go for us, since BscotchID is a core part of our studio's strategy.

That said, we'll keep talking to Nintendo and, who knows, maybe we'll work something out!

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That's great to hear! Good luck on that endeavour, didn't even think aboutBScotchID being a problem. I hope it works out because that would be quite a fantastic addition imo!

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I think nintendo is scared to have a resource they have no power over on their systems. BSID is essentially a live system that they can't proof before it goes live as it is always live. So if there is either some sneaky software installed into bsid, or just general things that break their ToS they might not be able to catch it until it's too late. There is probably more to it than just that, but that's what I can think of half awake.

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