Fishing hole removers for next update?

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I recently moved my house in Crashlands to a new spot on a lake. But it took a long time finding the ideal spot, because there were so many fishing holes blocking the way! Telepads right on the edges of lakes were rare enough, and the fishing holes just made building something on water even harder! I was thinking maybe in the future there should be a fishing hole remover or something added. Similar things should be added to remove those plants which can't be moved. (walkerroot, glotus berries, ayeyeas, geysirs, etc) Just a thought! It's not that important, but it kinda annoyed me

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I feel like fishing holes could be possible as you can replace them if you want to, but the others are rare and by not allowing them to be removed and replaced creates a need for you to adventure to find them. If you get lucky to find a nice supply you can mark it via a sign etc... But if they were to add a remove function they'd be in a catch 22. If they don't add drops to the plants some people won't like that and complain as to why the plants can be removed but not hoovered into your inventory. If they make them drop seeds and such they will cause some balancing issues and take out that element of exploration to find them.

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Great idea! We'll add that to the wishlist.

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