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Crashlands Creator Ideas

Talk about Crashlands with your fellow players here! NOT for advice and help.

(Sorry, I just cannot stop myself from typing in caps, the way that Sam talks in caps, you know?)

So, I have two ideas for Crashlands Creator content and I'm looking for input and potential collaborators.

The first is that I want to create a short campaign where Flux is sucked into a Voma and spat-out without any of her upgraded armor - and with a tear in her environment suit. This causes Juicebox to swap out her suit for a spare, while they go through the Bawg with no weapons and just a trowel (running the fuck away from everything!) looking for the specific Voma that stole all of Flux's gear. (I'm not sure what the creator will allow, in terms of buffs and debuffs, etc. so I'm not really sure what's going to be possible, but I'll work within the confines of the creator). Meanwhile, Flux' old suit, and the rudimentary AI that it uses to keep her alive, self-inflates and starts following Flux around everywhere as a dim and horribly stupid "I'm helping!" sidekick who just steals half of your drops and just generally gets in the way. (This was inspired by the podcast episode in which the Brotherscotch describe why Multiplayer in Crashlands would be a terrible idea). Again, this depends a lot on what is in the creator, so this one might not get to work out the way that I want it to, but it's my blueprint into the void, so it's something.

The second one is basically just Hamlet, with Flux and Juicebox playing the roles of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. It's gonna be good.

What are your ideas? (or Which Legend of Zelda game are you calling dibs on remaking?)

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Yo @Woland77 I moved that topic too, since it's Crashlands-related and does not fall under specific categories, so it's general chat =)
I think I understood that you popped in and out like a ninja, probably why you didn't see/search for precise categories and/or topics ^^

As for the caps thing... DON'T WORRY. A lot of us tend to do that from time to time :)

The first part of your first idea should totally be doable, the "I'm helping" suit part on the other hand, won't be possible. I'd like to say that I'd be a collaborator BUT I don't want to get into any engagement if I'm not certain to go from the beginning to the end.

I'd have to read Hamlet to talk about the second part... ^^'

I'm not going to a Legend of Zelda remake personally. However, I had a few random, stupid ideas of fun things to do to learn the tools:
- A death arena (actually probably a coop with @Etrusan because he's the one who wanted it)
- A flying-chase-race-survival (you get wing, must follow a water path and avoid the attacks and the ground. I don't know how it'd turn out but that could be fun)
- Maybe/probably different versions of the death arena actually
- Maybe something random with mostly dialogues ; something random RPG-style (so beat X to get Y gear, which would be kinda a nicer variant of the death-arena) ; probably other things.

Also, I think there's a beta-test that should occur for the Creator, some day. More info when the bros have it :)

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The Death Arena idea sounds pretty fun. I like the idea of getting an interesting combination of baddies that aren't normally in the game at the same time - like a ring of vomma and glazerhooves firing into a hell-scape of wompits and Mustache-mans that you have to navigate.

It's a bummer that my helper idea won't work in the creator, but maybe I can do something else with the core idea. I'll just have to play around with it when it's ready.

I wouldn't inflict myself on the dev process as a Beta Tester, since I couldn't commit to bug reports, but I appreciate everyone who does. I'm nearly all the way through Crashlands and I haven't seen any bugs - other than the thing where the inventory doesn't like recycling, and I saw that in the changelog for one of the upcoming updates.

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Crashlands Creator. Seems pretty cool right? I know this forum may not make a terribly large deal of sense considering we don't know how it works yet, so I'm basing ideas off what already exists. I'm going to set it as a spoiler incase you'd rather not know. Just note, I'm open to new ideas or feedback as to the ideas!
(Note : I'm a rather experienced user of 3D design so I can't wait to see how they set up the 2D tools. They're quite user friendly so I don't doubt it'll be good!)


Well that's all for now, remember, I'm open to suggestions and feedback!
(Note to Moderation - I am sorry if this is the wrong location. I'm an experienced forum-er though I've never been terribly good at placement...)

[[EDIT]] I notice a few views but nobody commenting, cmon now! Share some ideas, and no, I won't steal them. - Imay

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The upcoming creator already had idea 1 and 2 covered. I'm still not sure about the other two.

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As Aeternus said, 1 and 2 are definitely covered. The Creator is all about story-generation, and we have mutators that do things like add permadeath.

Idea 3 is covered by the Creator, since you can make a bare-bones Creation that would effectively be a sandbox.

Idea 4 is also covered. When you are making a Creation, you'll have the option of publishing it to a Beta channel. As an author of that Creation, you'll have access to God Mode tools while playing your Beta builds.

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I was convinced we had a topic for that already, but it was probably buried deep somewhere. So I merged the topics @Imayginate :)

Edit: yup it was buried in page 3 or so of this forum. There is probably some other stray ideas in other topics though.

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Will the creator patch also be available on iOS version of Crashlands?

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Yes and no. You will be able to play any created games on any device, but the creator itself will only be available for web use only. So to create you must have a computer, but you can play on anything.

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Though we will try to make the Creator compatible with mobile browsers!

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