UPDATE IDEA:Pets should grow as big as wild creatures

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@Ulnarevern - controller support is the other thing, there will (probably) be no controller support for reasons....

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Right I forgot this one ^^

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@Mr.Jpesky oh yeah, i guess it could block the view on some phones. Shame though, because every time i see a wild version of my pet i wish mine could be that big too!
Also, I noticed that "Marlaapol" was spelt wrong. Shouldn't it be "Maarlapol" instead, because it's named after Maarla? Maybe BS could fix this in their new update.

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I like that pets are smaller than wild counterparts because its easier to see everything like opponents and NPC's and gatherable items. In real life, a lot of the world's best fighters in any field or sport are NOT big dudes or giants but a little smaller. So it doesnt seem illogical for my smaller Vomma to kick butt... because it does.

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So I know this is a weird idea but after beating the game I decided to make a space base and I was thinking it would be interesting to be able to fish for or fight space ducks as like a secret boss because I think it would be pretty cool

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