Colorblind Modes -- How we created them

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Graphically Crashlands is so interesting that it must be a real challenge to try to set up different color schemes that work for different kinds of colorblindness in all scenes, and still allow things to look good, and for all detail to stand out for gathering, fighting, etc. Would tie my head in a pretzel if I were artist or coder.
...Guess thats why I don't make art and code. (Yep, jes' wanna make smashblossom juice & go huntin' wit mah vomma... Go git 'im, Jack, git 'im!)

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Thank you,
Thank you,
Thank you for this!

I understand we are the minority in this but the colorblind mode was a great addition to the game. I have issues with red-green and the first monsters I fight in the game were giving me issues, I could still see a little bit of the impact zone but it was still hindering gameplay.

I accidently found the setting when I went to adjust sound settings, switched to Deuteranopia mode and now I can easily see monster attacks with no problems.


Also, thanks for allowing me to change the login, stupid typos!
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I am colorblind and I saw the first image only orange but I saw the second image very well. I had difficulties to saw the gulanti attack in the blue area because I saw the same colors. Thanks and very good work.

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This is amazing stuff and I'm glad that more and more devs seem to be embracing support for colorblind folks

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