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Some feedback (gear quality, npc's, and more)

Talk about Crashlands with your fellow players here! NOT for advice and help.
1) Legendary gem material
i don't see why this couldn't exist in a game like Crashlands. gems (or whatever material) can be derived from rare-ish plants or creatures found around the world. you can get them, but since they're rare you have to consider what items you will use them on.

2) An automated farming NPC
i would LOVE this feature. because i'm lazy? or because i'd rather play an adventure game than a grinding/collecting game?

3) Hotbar Expansion
i just haven't been using the "farming stuff" because i want that slot for defensive items and i'm too lazy to switch back and forth.

4) More Weapon Diversity
would also love a better ranged attack than the wrench and blowgun (do they exist?) because i'm tired of dancing around creatures and getting them down to a sliver of health and then getting killed with one glancing blow. really the 1-hit kills are my biggest problem with the game.

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Seed drop rate increase isn't needed since everything regenerates every two or four hours (not sure which time). That means that you can find a good place and come to it every time. Also protip: wait for better pickaxe/stuff from next biome to come back: 1 shot harvesting.

Menu inventory is a nope and was discussed about a bazillion times already. No use to it (just, really no use, except staring at hundreds small icons with numbers... you wouldn't even find what you'd be searching for, really). If you don't trust me, you're not nice, but MOST IMPORTANTLY you can do a search and find all the discussions about this

Reminder: updates go up on all supports approximately simultaneously. It's the same game on all supports. And if you want to start the price debate, please do a quick search and see the replies to that debate.

1) That would mostly be useless, except for crazy people (no offense to anyone, you're just masochists and I'm okay with that XD ) who want all-tier legendary items. The end game is pretty satisfying with on the side (I miss seeing Bscotch writing style lately).
Also, adding gems means new items means update and stuff like means next game delayed and I want a new Bscotch game, don't you? ;)

2) Actually, you don't need to farm anything if you just cut everything down when you have the proper tools. I never had to do anything that felt like grinding/farming/whatevering (save for that F*CKING Gong)
Heck on my normal run I had to farm like... 5 things at most? I did not even need to plant seeds or pots! ^^
Plus, it feels that in insane everything is much further away from the center (or that changed since I did my Adventure run), so if you do that you'll even be able to craft 3 or 4 of each item of the armor tiers (I did it this morning with Level 9 Pearlscale stuff)

3) I already wrote one of the reasons there won't be an expansion. Small screens/resolutions, among other things. It may come at some point though. BUT there is strictly no guarantees.
There's a looooooooooooong list of "stuff that would add juice to the game that we could try to make" BUT not everything will be done. At least, not before they get a Game Mechanic.

4) Blopipe actually (I think?) and there are trinkets and other gadgets you could try out. Easy and Normal modes don't require too much skill as long as you're not more than 2 item tiers behind the last unlock (get level 11 available, you can play with 7 and some skill).
There aren't a lot of 1-hit kills in those modes (otherwise, stop trying to beat creatures way stronger than you ;P )

I didn't try Challenge, but in Insane if you upgrade regularly your gear and don't fight creatures way stronger than you, you usually don't have a 1-hit kill except on a critical hit (I'm near the end of the Savanna). I can even manage to fight off packs of 3 enemies that could kill me (that requires some skill though).

Also, there's a reason the bros called the fighting system the Dance of Death (or something similar) at some point. It's meant to get you dancing around the creature.
Protip: some monsters are easier to fight at a distance (in the sense of "hit once, run away in the opposite direction of the red stuff" (really, just go the other way it works most of the time)), some others are much easier to fight in close quarter combat.
I could probably even explain the best ways to fight each creature. But attacking only at a distance with gadgets is a definitive nope if you want to get efficient. Actually, if you want to fight efficiently, use the "hit once, run away in the opposite direction of the red stuff" technique, it's the best and only one that's actually working. And bombs. Gotta get your hands in the blood of those POOR CREATURES YOU'RE MAWING DOWN LIKE A PSYCHO.


Last thing(s): if I sound harsh for you at some point, it isn't meant and I offer you my deepest apologies if you were offended (the random capitalization is just a BSCOTCH STYLE TEXT WRITING, not the image of screaming).
Maybe it's because some people have completely irrational behavior to me (I'm just irrational, not completely :P ) that I can't understand since I did not have a single problem over +60 hours of game time. But that's just different lives that bring different experiences! :)


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Something I want to suggest in exchange to the "gem" idea for changing the quality of a crafted weapon or gear is simply do an XP based system. Now progression in this game is fairly quick, especially in Savanna. But I'm the type of person who likes to maximize gear per workstation to it's finest but kind of dislike RnG at the same time--can thank microtransaction games for that. Plus, there's many other benefits to this mechanic, granted it would require some development work of course.

So simply put, you craft a common weapon. This specific weapon gains XP based on enemies killed while equipped and the difficulty of the enemy--it does not have to actually kill the enemy, just be equipped. Once you reach a certain threshold of XP, you gain the chance to upgrade the weapon to the next quality.

Example: Common weapon --> Uncommon = 20xp
Uncommon --> Rare = 40xp total
Rare --> Legendary = 60xp total

difficulty 1 enemy = 1 xp
2 = 2 xp
3 = 3

And enemies that are 0 (super easy) give 0 xp.

Of course numbers are made up, but something like this. Then you don't have the disadvantage of playing slots with rng to waste material to try and get that better weapon. Instead, you can continue on with the progression of the game while also improving gear simultaneously. At least up until you hit Legendary (purple). Yet your Epic (orange) gear will still trump these as usual per level. Then once you hit the next workstation, it transitions into that a little better. You can still keep the RnG of crafted weapons though as an alternative route for some people. It can be exciting to get that Rare or better piece of gear right off the bat. But create some alternative system to allow for improving the quality of this gear when rng does not work in your favor. That's my suggestion.

Again, lots of development work, but something to consider in the future.

Also, are there any banner's or decorative objects that can be placed on top of walls? I tried searching real quick for it, but haven't found anything. This might be a cool addition for decorative purposes--kind of want to line all my walls with lights on them :). Granted, I could see some difficulties such as visibility or movement when clicking behind an object but I wouldn't mind once I reach an endgame to a certain zone such as the Savanna. At this point, I'm just making my base look as cool as possible.
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I can respond to the banner thing, and that's a solid no haha.

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@Ulnarevern actually, doing an all excelent run doens't take that much longer. My first run (Adventure, most acceptable gear, no gongs) and my second (Insane, all excellent, gongs) took about the same time (~55h). Most of them come rather quickly, and most benches have easily harvestable materials. If you think it is too many a most, it is because, sometimes, the one piece of equipment that you rerun 20, 30 times is exactly the one that requires super rare stuff (like Zug electro-stuff). Quite rare, but happens.

As for battle styles, there's plenty other topics that scratch on that, but I'll summarize: in every other game, I'm the projectile guy, especially archers. On Crashlands, though, it is full melee. Some fingarang in the beginning, lots of Big Red in the end, but on the rest of the time, it's Thunder Guard and the rest of the safeguard ones, no potions. But that's me. All players on this forum play significantly different from one another. The combinations of gadgets and trinkets serve as both multiclassing and resettable skill tree at once. It's gratifyingly flexible, and this swashbuckler style was just the last one that sticked. Perhaps next time I specialize on AOE with running. Or finally decide to focus on elemental damage.

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Well. I guess most of that could happen in Crashlands 2 ^^
Actually the ideas are interesting but I don't think it would be worth the dev time for the bros.

The idea is that only a handful of persons thought of that and would really enjoy and benefit it (like, having full legendary gear), so even if the idea is interesting and good, now that Crashlands is out and that only the Creator patch is left, it is likely that those idea won't be used - at least not in Crashlands :)
(I'm making it short, there's a few things to it but it's the same idea)

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@Ulnarevern sorry, I misread you when you said "all legendary gear". I thought it was the rare, but achievable, excellent gear that exists now, not the proposed that would be deterministic and with a mechanic of its own. All in all, after playing MMOs quite a bit, I'm pretty allergic to this kind of mechanic and would ignore it completely. Excellent gear is difficult, but easy to retry, and some times it happens instantly! Certainly much more satifying. Clickers and idle games are the proof that steady, slow progression is less satisfying than one with sharper curves, even though it might be quite addictive.

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Sorry but I'm not exactly sure I understood what you meant @NirnaethArnediad :/

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@Ulnarevern Basically I messed up and understood the proposed "all legendary gear" thing (using orbs, +1s, and other stuff) with the current, rare "excellent" gear (the purple stuff that does a cooler animation when crafting). Thus, I said that crafting every gear on the game in excellent quality isn't as time consuming as it seems at first. It seldomly feels like grinding (it DOES feel sometimes though)

Then on the second post I said that the randomness of the current excellent is fun because it progress in spikes, with occasional joy and lots of "meh", rather than a steady progress, which is addictive, because you are certain that you will get a bit better in a moment and will continue playing because of that certain reward, but is never truly satisfying. The genre of idle games (Cookie Clicker, Bitcoin Billionaire, Mucho Taco) are build on top of this precise steadiness. There are several mechanics on Crashlands which progress linearly, and it's fine this way (the loops). However, IMHO, I think that the equipment crafting quality, in particular, is better as is than without surprises. Equipment upgrade via workbenches, for instance, also progress linearly and that's not a problem at all.

I'm sorry for not being clear enough, and I hope to have clarified the matter. It's no excuse, though I must say I'm not a native speaker, which might mean that the way I express myself can be peculiar, at times. Especially when sleepy. Or sick. Or both, as was the case. :(

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Don't worry, I'm not a native either and I was tired too XD

And well, this is why I think an upgrade system for weapons and armor would only please a few people, mostly (crazy) I'm just kidding guys and grils completionists :)
That would just get the grind from base elements to rare elements just to upgrade a weapon while everyone knows that in a few minutes it will be replaced ^^

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