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Hey there!
@eee102805 I merged your topic with this one, because it's relevant.

Sadly, Bscotch devs already have their awesome ideas (most often they already thought of what you thought about but considered it required too much work for too little added value) and can't work on everything.

I created that topic LOOONG ago, and with time it became the place to dream about some awesome features :) (I edited the title with this post to reflect that change)

As for your suggestions:
1. Crashlands wasn't designed around those functions, so it would require a complete rework to add such a mechanic. But it could be interesting. We'll have some basic functions in LevelHead by the way.

2. Could be fun, but since dialogues make the player stop moving, you'd have some bad surprises

3. Probably a really low work/added value, even if it's interesting. At some point there was a planned Creator so you could make your own campaigns, but that fell way back on Bscotch To-Do list for a lot of reasons

4. What Chad wrote

5. It would probably require a complete and deep rework, so this would fall under the low work/added value. Plus JB is really just here for the packages, he doesn't care about the rest ^^

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