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Community DREAM Wishlist [Crashlands]

Talk about Crashlands with your fellow players here! NOT for advice and help.
Respawn bosses mechanic plz i need to use all my gadgets and devices and it's not fun against normal creatures

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By bosses do you mean The Bacon Fairy, Hewgo, etc... or just the high level creatures? Because the creatures totally respawn, but the "bosses" if you want to call them that, are rare and only needed once. However the Crashlands Creator is supposed to allow you to create quests using any of the in-game characters, including the once-offs. SO maybe just wait for that.

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can we have mounts next patch?

like beast mounts or gadget bikes...

a flying mount or something that can even cross tarpits.
doesn't have to have additional stat bonuses, just different mounts.
built or found in a chest far far away, like ultra rare and random chest in woanope.

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ToiletCar™ better still be on the list of "coming soon" cuz zooming around the savannah in that thing is still on my bucket list!

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Agreed. That's part of why the Creator is WAYYY back on the backburner: it'll require a ton of development time but in the end there may not be enough people who care. It's sorta the textbook definition of "low leverage".

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My Wishlist for Crashlands in Da Future

New Continental Formations like:
-The Forest and Horrible Nightmare land from Towelfight 2.
-The Cave from Flop Rocket or the Roid Belt in Roid Rage.
-The Quadropus Reef in Quadropus Rampage.

Along with the New Locations there would be New Items
Below are Examples of Mine:
- Ol' Monocle (Perk Probably?)
- Juice Pump ('Cus it's too tiring to look for Juice Clusters)
- Weapons and Armor for the New Continents ('Cus Logic)
- Moe items and Trinkets (See Comment above)

Few gameplay Changes as well, Getting tired of doing the following
(No Offense)
- Spawn rate for Certain Components like Spur gold or Depressurized Larvae
- Ways to Removing Fishing holes (It's Annoying)
- Methods on Growing Naturalities like Gassaks, Pikkayes and Bleghpods
( 'Cus you have one for Geysirs, So why not the Others?)
Upgrade Recipes for Legendaries like:
- Mini Dirigible + Orb of Forn = Forn Blimp (Please!!!)
- Stunning Mirror + Smash racket = Narcissistic racket
- Lonsdaxe + The Butterfly = Butterfury

Other than that here are other things that might get us Busy until u finish other projects:
- Daily Quests given by Dernd, Toochoochoo, Tchika, Brad and Will and Grandmammy
(I Know it's too much, but just randomize every time)
- Unlocking of Butter beast in Crashlands as well
(Make the Perk requirement: get Butterbeast in Quadropus rampage and Towelfight 2).

Hope these requests will be found in a Endless pile of other Requests
and if they are.... Know that this :fatfish: Is Waiting...

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I'll drop in here and simply mention that this is basically a "dream wishlist".
If you're on the Discord server, a rule is about those ideas that we don't even need to suggest, because Bscotch already has so many.

It didn't exist back when I created this topic (everything was SO DIFFERENT). But yeah. It's more about dreams than actually stuff that is likely to happen.

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After the most recent update, the COMBOver update, was released, I’ve had a lot of fun. However, I do know some ways to make crashlands EVEN BETTER.(I know, it doesn’t seem possible. But bear with me.)
Number one- DO NOT, and I repeat DO NOT, make it a battle royale in any way, shape or form.

Number one- add functions. In Minecraft, the only reason anybody has ever played creative mode was building or redstone. Now in crashlands, you have everything. (In creative mode, at least.) adding in a way to create a wompit with a certain amount of strength, and crazy amounts of health would be HILARIOUS, and you could do fun things. Like a tournament? Maybe?

Number two-commentary. Flux says some funny things sometimes, but the only dialogue is either slapping someone, or during a quest. Maybe flux could say “Whoo. That was a close one.” after defeating a particularly nasty monster.

Number three-compendium. In creative mode, you have no need for the compendium except for pet rooms. You could use that as an edit button, maybe a wrench, so you could link things. The way the doors in the tutorial only open after you do a few things. If a tree is broken, the door will open up or something.

Number four- Multiplayer. I know a LOT of people are asking for this. What if one person played as Hardik while the other was Flux? Or put a D&D twist on it and make one person an enemy, and the other a character.

Number five- JuiceBox. Story wise, JuiceBox has a HUGE role. But game wise, he’s relatively useless. Maybe you could make him an even bigger part somehow by changing the combat mechanics to allow him to fight to. With lasers or something ripped off of Hewgodooko’s head. I dunno.

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1. Yes Pleas :o :o :o
2. That's pretty meh tbh but okay
3. I don't really understand this one since i haven't really looked around creative mode that much
4. From a previous post:
"Nope, Crashlands is single player. We can't add multiplayer without re-coding the entire game, but we have some multiplayer games in the pipeline for after Crashlands."
5. IMO that would sorta ruin the joke about JuiceBox actually being useless except for carrying the packages

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