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Yea i have read and seen vids about the creator patch, and its very exciting (perma day for me cuz night hurts my eyes :P). The thing is i play on mobile so didnt pay alot of attention to it. If i can transfer/load a PC created world to play on mobile then NICE!!!

I could add some of the ideas that i posted myself and transfer the layout to mobile WOOOOO, then we talkin business hahaha.

Guys this game is a gem and i give my best regards to the devs.This game is going in the right direction.

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The creator will be web-based (meaning you may be able to make campaigns from your phone. Maybe (I don't know how Adam will do that but the idea is compatibility) and the campaigns will be downloadable and playable for all platforms. As long as you have Crashlands, you'll have access to the Creator and its contents :)

(And now we should get back to the topic ;) )

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1) collectable pet hats, hats for pets, you can find these out in the world and put them on your pets and make them all cute and stuff

2) in the crashlands creator the ability to upload your own sprites for bosses/ npcs and the ability to add your own items mabey (also when is the creator coming out)

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@resqcreeper2, but how to animate bosses/npcs and their movement and powers when they're uploaded?

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I would like an Off-combat quick inventory. So I could keep seedbombs and other utility items easily accessible without changing my buttons! Also moar quests is always nice!

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Moar quests!? Don't worry, when the Crashlands Creator is out we can make moar quests.

Although official sidequests that give us more insight about Woanope lore would be nice.

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The problem with adding more quests is that it takes time which is one reason the creator is coming out. It will keep the game alive and new. If they spend all their time on Crashlands they won't have time for new games. Even if they are giving 20% to keeping it alive, that's 20% not going towards new projects. Sam is working on his lore series and who knows maybe Codename Brunch will give us some answers too!

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-Ability to add warp points where u want to have them (on the creator).
Cuz id like to make a sort of "dungeon" with walls and one entrance only. With cool monsters inside and kinda like a maze inside and huge. With some nice boss / reward at end. So i would need to add warp points inside, cuz ppl dont wanna have to start from entrance again.

-Make unlocking 75% of the map an achievement and drive the completionist crazy haha.
I was and am trying to unlock the full map as a goal but what sux is that u dont have mini map and they said its hard to implement one. It would make unlocking all more easy since u can see what ur missing instead of opening map constantly.

-Maybe in the future make unlocking full map more easy some way if possible. ex. mini map.

-Add mounts or maybe ability to mount on ur pet and go say 5% faster on pet or something.. for map explorers :)

-Some interactive base items, to give base more life.
One item would be cool is a gun turret that may shoot at near by monsters. Maybe a healing tower when u get near it u will see a green line from tower to user that heals u and can only be placed on base ECT... ( i can think of items all day if i wanted lol)

Thanks for your time guys..

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I'm just going to comment on the first two points (second one brings a suggestion)

- Ability to add teleporters should be in, since they had it to make Crashlands ;)

- Map is extremely huge, so you don't want an exploration-related perk. Except maybe "Explore 1000/2000/5000 tiles" kind of perk

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Since this is a wish list I figured it'd be fine if I changed the topic, at least for the moment. That being written here are my three wishes so to speak.

1: a juice crystal quest
- slaying a one of a kind beast(no egg drops) or something else
2:something awesome to do with that one juice crystal
- perhaps being able to revive one of the bosses say E.M.G. Or the Ynnix and actually have them be restored as in able to help the npcs

- or perhaps being able to feed that crystal to one specific pet resulting in a new skin or special attributes

3: if not the above then have the juice crystal's allure result in a fourth race of people say either the ancients of woanope returning or an alien race that throws new quests into the mix. That way new npcs and perhaps a new environment perhaps not as large as the others for the sake of speed but if that proves to be too extensive then perhaps have quest helping the fourth race (after defeating their boss of course) settle on woanope. From then on a new contemporary lore can arise. Additionally, perhaps glimpses into the future would be cool as in say what happens when flux dies. Who is then thrust as an accidental hero?

4: the juice crystal can be used as a torch with a larger area of illumination or it becomes so that in addition to your pet it hovers around you but instead of fighting rids the need for a torch when walking, running or flying.

5: I have a lot more ideas and I truly appreciate the game but this is after all a wish list.
I'm happy to reply and look forward to hearing some feedback.

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