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Community DREAM Wishlist [Crashlands]

Talk about Crashlands with your fellow players here! NOT for advice and help.
Is there swag that we can buy like t-shirts and stuff?

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As for quest waypoints and such, it was a deliberate choice to - in a way - "force" the player to follow the story and to involve him/herself to progress.
Plus I think that most of the time the quest log and/or the map give you the name of the place/character, but I may not recall properly.

And the swag existed at some point, now it's hidden again but I think it will reappear some day (and it's more a thing for the Bscotch General Chat subforum, and there's a topic about Bscotch Merch there, so you should go there instead;) )

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First time poster... I'm playing on an iPad with a Nimbus controller. I haven't been playing long so the first request might be something I'm missing.

Two small requests- a list of collected items, so someone can see what they've picked up. Right now I get a list of some things, but not the stuff you build with. Tracking items only shows a few things.

The ability to change the button colours for controllers. The letters are correct (obviously) but the colours are wrong. That can be confusing...

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@Ulnarevern I know, another user posted it a while ago but I want to talk about it again: the underground biome. It would be incredibly awesome if we had an underground world in Crashlands. Since I finished my first quest I had hope that I can go into the underground. But this never happened which was a bit sad for me. I think you could make it this way that the walls are black with shiny crystals in it for light and good look. Also it would be really nice if we had an parrallel world which you can enter through an portal and the portal do you have to activate with the G-Gnome. ;)

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To continue the underground idea although I have already spoken of it before.

List of thing that could be there.

Water become lava or tar.

A new race of friendly aliens ; people create with molten rock.

The other ideas that others have had.

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It would be nice to have a Character customization. Maybe not over the top. An example could be that you could change the color of the face plate and body suit of Flux. Another is to have customizable face plates for Flux that will be attained from bosses or acheivements. Although its just a suggestion.

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Elemental catalyst(for pets)
Works like this:Each catalyst would give a new color of body and attribute(poision,fire,thunder,ice,etc)
For example:
Ice catalyst+Vomma=Frosty Vomma(the tadpoles now freeze)
You could only use ONE catalyst per pet.
Thunder(3 Second stun,10%chance)
6Zug plug
3 dusk crystal
Zug molt
Fire(gains 10% of dps fire power for every hit,but has 30%less physical damage)
5 P.Amber
3 dusk crystal
2Tartil firedamp
Ice(Freezes when hits)
3 dusk crystal
Throak fluroros
6 Throak Tentacle
RapidFire(+30%attack speed,color yellow)
3Mukisacks(from tamed snorble,idk how they callled)
3 dusk crystal
3 Vlaps
Poison(+10% dps as poison)
3 dusk crystal
10 Glow juice
3 Water Balloon
Hope you like it(ik its complex,but would add more complexity).
PD:Made at JollyScope,unlocked by default.
PD2:You can also find wild elementals.

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The GOG version of Crashlands needs achievements. They are offered on Steam, but not GOG. That's like having achievements for the Xbox version of a game but not on Playstation. There should be platform parity, that way GOG gamers don't feel like second-class gamers that get a lesser product because of their preferred distributor.

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We implement the same achievements on all platforms via BscotchID, and would prefer not to also do it through the silo'd store-specific systems at all. We only do it additionally through the specific platforms when it is strongly expected by the community (at large -- not just a small subset) or storefront and is either built into our game engine or cost-effective for us to add to our engine. For example, we don't have it on the App Store because there isn't a strong expectation from the player base there. We have had it off and on for Google Play depending on feedback, but will probably remove it in the final update, since there isn't a strong expectation from players for that. We don't have it on GoG because our engine doesn't support it and it wouldn't be cost-effective (or time-effective, given that we're working on new games) for us to develop support, and at the time we published they didn't appear to be strongly expected by the overall community.

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2 words:
I have some ideas,and ill post them when i can.
Also,Make obtaining the easier,finished the game and no yet.

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