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@Aeternus excellent idea! This is also an incentive to make excellent more often. You get your acceptable equipment broken. Why bother repairing? Just roll it again. But if it is something you like, you can get it back. Cool. :)

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Player Created Levels and Quests?

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That is exactly the upcoming Creator patch is for.

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It is indeed. There are also going to be game modifiers! I'm still rooting for the one that allows enemies to fight each other.

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The broken equipment upon death can be a good modifier.

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I am not sure that this is the right place, as i dont understand the relation to "game mechanic" - but it´s my wishlist :D

And yes, i would love to pay for each of them - if there would be a way ;-)

o Read the last messages again (what i got, what i lost, what changed, what attacked, what made how much damage, ...). I realy, realy need that.

o Have the ability to teleport to the worlds directly on the map, as convenience. I hate to do this step by step and each time search the portals on the maps.

o Teleport to the character of a quest. Sometimes, i need LONG time to find the character i need to visit. And the flashing notification about characters that should be visited again does NOT always work! Maybe as i "Teleport to <NAME"> on the quest-log.

o Some overview of anything in the inventory. Again and again, i need to collect <x> of <y> and as long as i do not currently track some that that need this as indredient, i have no idea how much of them is missing - only after collecting the next and only if the combat was not so distracting that i could not read the messages (see point 1 ;-)

o Permanent flight (YES, i pay for that)

o Some way to see all recipies - again and again i got some recipy but don´t have the workstation already. This confused me to no end. If there would be a list of such "unconnected" recipies would be GREAT for me.

<to be continued>

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I think a great addition would be upgrades, I think this would be really cool because one the game would go on for longer while players look for upgrades for every weapon (or for the one they have). Also it means you can have more powerful items so not just weapons but armor as well. Because it would be cooler to make my megagong even stronger.
Another cool addition would be a craftable telepad, this could also be a legendary thing that you could place and then later on teleport to and pic it up.
And last but not least obviously a new biome/quests (creators patch).

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Gorgo's Shovel (Trinket)
Beating Pete's Reckoning in Quadrupus rampage unlocks a special sidequest on savanna (Mid game savanna) The reward is Gorgo's shovel.

Effect: Increase the chance of getting rare items by 10% while equiped (Rare items include eggs,legendary components and gongs)

Because I don't think purple Pete avatar reward is enough.

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end game content + infinite play Idea

- please, i thought this game had this as custom but didnt.. monsters attacking base and u having to protect your stations and pets. ex. making turrents and anti air missles etc
- Ability to store/chest items or atleast lock them. Like i may have a movement speed gear set i wanna keep in a chest or atleast not accidentally salvage it.
- incentive to expore WHOLE map hahaha.. keep me playing years lol.. things like randomly place secret chest containing materials to make golden armor with regen
or trinkets with above average stats or something..
- special unlockables by getting achievements that take a long time.
- boss re runs / able to be replayed to test my skills.
- special hidden bosses in map. EX- dragons lair , somewhere real far far away... sounds epic.. and buffed so that will be so hard to kill unless u have the
special items from all around the map u collected
- mainly bash the map all over with secret things/boss to give ppl incentive to keep EXPLORING..
- a very rare resource , that will take weeks to get all pieces like diamond or gold.. to get some cool stuff.
- scatter some hidden quest / npcs.. random in map not close to base so no one person has same location.. for exploration purposes.. with cool rewards.
- pets that heal or loot? maybe..
- have a super rare item u can get that will take a month or two atleast like flying wings so u can go over water but permanent. and only way to get is exploring far and finding hiddens.

and ofcourse .. id suggest making a tab on the game that lets ppl KNOW there are secrets out there to
hidden bosses found = 0/10
hidden quest/npc found = 0/5

some bosses hit HARD , some monsters hit hard even on easy.. so some of these special items can be say regen / protection stuff and such.

Main goal to keep ppl playing.. so long achievements and map exploration based things.
thanks for your time

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Interesting ideas :)
I think the #1 Keep people playing update will be the Creator patch, at least for now (if you don't know what I'm talking about, a quick search in the forums ;) )

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