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Community DREAM Wishlist [Crashlands]

Talk about Crashlands with your fellow players here! NOT for advice and help.
Hey everyone!

Since Butterscotch Shenanigans will soon have a Game Mechanic, we will soon have updates on the current games. WHICH IS NICE.

If you have anything you would like to see at some point in Crashlands, you can ask/suggest it here! :)

Please stay on-topic so it can actually be useful to everyone.
Please also take a quick look before asking/suggesting a feature
If you want to discuss an idea more in-depth, a dedicated topic would be preferred.

Lore Quests
Some quests that would explain a bit further the lore of the Bscotchverse could be nice!


[Edit by @bscotchAdam: Note that the Game Mechanic (and the devs in general) will not necessarily do any of these things, since we also have our own ideas. But we'll take a look from time to time and evaluate the merits of cool ideas!]

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If you can, can you uh make the spawn rates of the Depressurized Worms increase?
It took me about 2 hours getting 6 of them and I'm gonna need 58 to make what I need...

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A secret superboss.

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The ability to remove fishing holes? This would be really useful for people who have accidentally placed their fishing holes in wrong places, restricting the placement of floor tiles on top of the water. Also, I know that this was removed after BETA, but pets could still grow to the same size as their wild counterparts, maybe if they had name tags or something to differentiate them?

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The ability to remove sidequest from the compendium but you can still talk to the quest giver to get the quest back.

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@Hippogriff12 Honestly I don't think the size thing is going to change. Even with name tags it was a pain to see. What could be done though is changing the color of the creature when tamed and playing it off that it being touched by Flux caused some issues or something. That wouldn't fix the issue where it was taking up some of the screen on mobile though. Twas' not fun to have to work around your pet like that.

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1. Boss fights run/re-battle! Especially last Hewgodooko battle. And that sweet Blockstock revenge. Though they should scale with your level.

2. Craftable special terrain, like glass and Hewgo's

3. Megagong-like sword and Megagong-like hammer. Could be just as difficult to get.

4. Some way to organise the consumables/gadgets! It gets pretty messy on the end game.

@ninjakai03 (off-topic, so...)

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@psblake Additionaly, excellent equipment could be unbreakable, otherwise their value would be really, really tiny. owever, this would make Insane a chore. I died more than 200 times, and if every time I died I lost something, I'd ragequit in a moment. After a lot of time playing, you start to try your luck less and less, making deaths some sort of accident (lost concentration, mobbed one more creature, epic creatures lurking near you while fighting, bleached wojacks just existing), or are boss fights. It also discourages the player to try to take on enemies as early as they can, getting little by little closer to killing. I say that because after playing my share of MMORPGs, it came to a time I spent less time playing and more time testing builds and looking at enemies. It also made play always on the same places, and not test myself on harder stuff that I could actually survive.
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Well how about a "broken" state for equipment? Instead of getting the item deleted it becomes broken and you need to repair it with the same stuff needed to make it. So it retains the desired rarity/quality while also making weaker backup equipment useful while you have not repaired your main equipment yet.I don't know how its going to work on legendaries though.(Megagong,VacuHelm)

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@Aeternus that broken and repairing thing's a great idea! Though I don't think the legendary ones should be able to be broken.

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