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Unfortunately, :bslogo: is not planning on making Crashlands a multiplayer game.
As stated in the help section, They made Crashland as a single player game and will only put multiplayer option on games that are tailored to be mutiplayer from the beginning.

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Hey there @FearlessFeline I took the liberty to merge your topic/suggestion to this topic, because it's relevant to this topic :)

To complete what Aeternus wrote, the "there won't be a multiplayer" is about everywhere on the web (there's a search function for the forums in the bar under the logo), no matter what, for that would require as much work as making a whole new game for not that much added value (plus balance problems)
BUT FEAR NOT. If you played other Bscotch games, you'll see that they always come up with fun games and great ideas!
AND one of the current project (among the Crashlands Juicemancy patch that is in beta testing and Quadropus Rampage Remastered) is actually a multiplayer LAN game, EXCEPT that this time it's made especially to be balanced both for solo and multiplayer, so it will be better than Crashlands multiplayer (because a solo game made multiplayer is likely to be not that fun at all).


Also, forums are not nearly Reddit or any board-like system, so repost would be deleted (because it would be clutter) and those forums don't have a like system.
And don't worry, the Bscotch team is reading the forums regularly, so they know when something is up and they pick the suggestions that have a work/additional value ratio that is interesting for everyone (hence the Juicemancy patch).
And a multiplayer Crashlands (no matter the form) was probably requested like twenty or thirty times just here in the forums (add Discord, Twitter, else and all the unofficial places like Reddit or Steam and it becomes a whole bunch) ^^

Have a good day!

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@Ulnarevern @Aeternus
Thank you for your reply! I am really bummed that there will not be Multiplayer, but it's still playable, I guess. I guess my parents lucked out because now we won't scream every time one of us (me because I suck) screams when they get ambushed by a Womplord. I wish they would consider this, but what can I do? It's fine because it's still the most addictive singleplayer game I've played. Have a good day and eat cookies and stuff!
LOL i am a coward

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No worries! It's not about whether or not we've considered it -- we, too, would love to play multiplayer Crashlands! It's just a fact of the realities of making video games: it takes a LONG time to do anything, and there is never a guarantee that we'll end up being able to successfully sell the thing we make (in fact things usually don't work out...). That means we have to keep on blazing forward on new stuff, since new stuff has the highest liklihood of success.

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Like I said one other time in a form far far away
Space base with space duck fishing, enemies or a secret boss

Seriously, if there's space duck pies then where are the space ducks?

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This post is about features or ideas that I would be glad to pay for. Additionally, when I really thought about the replay value of crashlands I came up with following ideas. Lastly, these are just suggestions that I thought would make the game more fun and lend themselves to the slowly growing stronger feel of the game.

Disclaimer: I haven't played all of the five new difficulty settings so some of my suggestions might already be part of the game. If so, Mwahahaa! Onwards!

1. Attack Differentiation
Essentially put, adding a new attack and scaling the list of attacks available to each animal in accordance to difficulty.
Anybody played Infinity Blade III? Anybody know the training bot that you can select the attack patterns on? Similar concept but applied to wildlife in accordance to difficulty. This way there are attacks on diff.3 that aren't either as common or at all present in diff.1. Diff 1 being the easiest mode.

For example, I have noticed in the second (from bottom) difficulty level that often times a Wompit does four single bounces and then a double bounce. The starting position of the bounce say a single bounce then the two bounce followed by the four single bounce varies. That is assuming my evaluation of the attack pattern is correct. Yet in the case of the Sterling Heifers, I have seen them pull off two double bounces in a row. Thus there already are some attack diffs. b/w wildlife stages.

Ex. third bounce attack chain on diff 4 for say Sterling Heifers.
Alternate Ex. The Glidopi have their long range and short range techniques but what if they had an intermediate attack?

The main point of this suggestion isn't to make every single animal stage for every animal race different for all the difficulties but to simply keep players on their toes and make learning to survive more interesting.

This deviation in attack patterns in animals accross difficulty settings can be tied to Juice Crystal Synergy, in the same way that the animals are more dangerous in the Tundra. My main point for this is that I hope that the attack patterns for the fifth difficulty aren't the same as the first difficulty with the only difference between them being that attack stats of the animals in relation to flux varies. Simply put, if each stage is slightly different yet similar enough, then I wouldn't mind paying a lot more for the game.

2. Increased Availability of Recipes the Higher up you go in terms of Difficulty
Essentially put,some of the recipe drops that are not essential to story progression can be unlocked/discovered in higher difficulty modes. Thus rewarding players for challenging themselves. One way this could be done is by creating a statue recipe whose epicness varies according to the difficulty. The statue for each difficulty could also pose differently.
I am not sure where trinkets would fall in all of this but onto number 3!

3. New pets unlocked according to difficulty level
Ex. A new one on the third difficulty that is also present on the fourth and fifth
and a second one that is present on the fifth. The new pets needn't require the creation of new wild life races although that would be cool.

An alternative to this would be having varying numbers of all the possible animals tame able according to difficulty level. This might cause some grumbling but over time could lead to new satisfaction/ feeling of purpose, like just you wait Gullanti, or just you wait Vomma! Third difficulty setting, I am coming for you!
If we proceed on the new pet path, I would watch out for the Snargle and the Chun-yen. One is an ostrich like beast with a movement speed boost and as for the Chun-yen … I won’t reveal its buttery characteristics just yet.

On a side note- as a result of actively choosing several art and english classes, I have ended up with several drawn renditions of the Chun-Yen and the Snargle in various stages along with their origin stories.

4. Story Differentiation
Ex. The quest where we give Aarn or that other lady five potted baconweed plants, why not have the number vary according to difficulty?
Ex. 1 on 1, 2 on 2, 3 on 3, 4 on 4, 5 on 5.
As for other quest differentiations … hmmm.

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Lore quests that make the connection between crashlands and towelfight/lord hardik's tale clearer

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But then where would be the INTRIGUE?

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I really want to fight ALL the f****** bosses again! The boss fights are, in my opinion, the best thing of the whole game! PLEASE ADD A WORKSTATION WHERE I CAN CRAFT DEVICES TO SUMMON THE BOSSES AGAIN! I think you can do it this way that you will spawn in the arena of the boss you want to fight. And the boss can be related to your power so it's not so easy to beat the Baconweed Fairy again for example. Please answer me cause this topic is very important for me.

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