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I Just purchased Crashlands On the App Store and You Bet my Sweet BaconWeed I ADORE this game, (Small Spoilers ahead) I personally just got out of the savannah and entered the Bawg and so far I'm really loving this game and it's personally my favorite App Store game and may even be on my top ten games for all platforms. I love the comical yet Sometimes serious gameplay, The Hilarious and intriguing dialogue, and the grinding to beat bosses that are difficult but just easy enough to beat while having fun the entire time. So overall I just wanted to say Thank You to Seth Sam And Adam For Making amazing games

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This game is not even done yet. There will be an update that allows players to create custom worlds and quests.

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I definitely agree man. This game has definitely brightened many of my days the last 4 months. I haven't quite beaten it yet, but I'll probably play through it again once I do! Can't wait to see some new player made worlds! Haven't looked into that part yet!

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Agree. Have never enjoyed any game this long. Countless ways it hits the sweet spot. Huge help for morale under stress, play it frequently. Also am an impatient person with other games that have growing things & crafting, slow, cumbersome but here its not tedious. **There's nothing between me and the game**. Make some gear or farming stuff, some potslappers, harvest & reseed, check the "shopping list" & go gathering & hunting... The biomes are great and there's a wealth of materials to gather (though that pig squeal when I hit something makes me a little sorry). Harvesting gets quicker & more convenient as better tools are made. Tundra not done in my game yet and have about 500 very convenient death/respawns so far overall & now wearing the blue armor. Just love respawning and trying again, & I like to also pick up all my dropped stuff & gravestones from the map. And I love being able to put up signposts and labels. Enjoy making a basecamp/house however I want it, plus carry a full workshop for quick fieldwork in my infinisuit. Love all my pets, yet the vomma & wompit & gulanti best, but they are all useful and endearing in amusing ways. I notice that you gave them to us already house-trained too! NO MESSES! so they are sort of housepets/hunting dawgs rolled into one. Flora & fauna & local people are UNIQUE, great! The color palettes and lighting changes are great and so different an environment... Refreshingly NOT a medeival/fantasy/dungeon, but a true alien planet -not filmed outside of los angelos! Leveling design is perfect, great. And the game accommodates easy or hard player types. Characters in the story are great. Overall the sense of pluck, humor and cheer is great and very refreshing in vibes, not grim. Expansive map world great, no walls & lots of teleports. Inventory great. Crafting convenient. And still noticing detailed touches in the artwork too, like how the lake ice looks, or the little scorch mark on the blue (nicely drawn) crystals when I bombed a gulanti tonight, or how each machine moves when its running, how each plant has an interesting seed, etc. The planet biomes also interesting because some things are from previous planetary visitors besides hewgo, like the green crystaline areas where the gallium hang out guarding it. Always a thrill to find something cool and new.
...Only thing IMHO that could be tweaked in game (or an option in the next mod or update) is to make option to need way less ventsleepers to make fishing food & fish bombs, not gonna fish 1000s of times to get the materials to then fish thousands more times to get the megagong.
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Once again, the Gong and Megagong are supposed to be a question of luck OR masochism. It's not meant to be obtained by everyone :sass:

I do agree that this game nails pretty much everything for me ^^

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Adding my praise too!

This game cracks me up so much. Pretty much everything is something to have fun with, ranging from making me LOL to thinking "who the $*%# came up with that" (in a good way).

The pet embiggen moment is so badass, even more so than evolving a pokemon. I'm not a completionist but I'm motivated to embiggen all the pets just to watch that scene, with an upgraded pet as a side bonus.

Then on the other spectrum of hilarity, Crashlands doesn't miss out on a deep story either.

I can play this game casually or be fully immersed, shut myself in the basement going through quests or gather a few logtrees in between my commute.

I can go on and on. Thank you BS for making this!!

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