Help pls I can't login into my save in crashlands.

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I lost all my progress. My progress is not on my saves, but it shows on my butterscotch I'd perks. Can someone pls help me find a way to get my progress back. Thanks. Also when I clicked force sync save and clicked the recover lost saves, I didn't get my progress back.

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Why is this on Off-Topic? This should be in the CL general forums.(No need to create a new one the mods will move it)

How exactly did you lose your saves? Is your Cloud active?

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This isn't enough info for us to help. Did you change devices or re-install the game? Did you log in with BscotchID at some point before this, or right before this?

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Hey @TackTickz I moved this topic in "Crashlands Greneral Discussions" :)
Also welcome around, nice pun on the username and please give the infos asked in the previous post so the bros can help you :)

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