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Hey, So I've been getting a bit frusturated lately with some of the boss placements. I know they are probably randomly generated I feel like some parameters should be added. As an example I recently started "insane mode" yet this has never frusturated me more. So to get to the point:

I had to fight the boss "Explodorious", In case he wasn't hard enough with his glutterflys around him on insane mode, theres also a verdant gildopus and finally a nice big Womplord by his side. This makes the "dance of death" pretty much pointless as its endless running. I dont even have enouph time to throw a grenade etc. (not to mention the bosses/epic will 1 hit me cuz of insane mode)

Now I wouldent be one for complaining without offering a solution. I suggest adding an "area" around each boss/epic creature where no other boss/epic creature can spawn in. Therefore avoiding this beautiful pile of ...insanity

Edit: (For @OddWolf ) yea theres 4 game modes, Easy, Normal, Hard, and Insane. Insane is probs the coolest as "dodging" is so much more important.
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WAIT WAIT WHAT? THERE IS AN INSANE MODE?? gosh...i just recently finished the game and just when i thought there was nothing more to it. please elaborate

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That's probably a good idea! @bscotchseth did we plan to do this?

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OddWolf I believe I read somewhere that the monsters hit 5 times as hard on insane compared to the regular difficulty. I am in the tundra on my insane play-through and in my experience most monsters that are "at your level" can one shot you unless you take the time to hunt the weakest of the species. Despite the insane damage, I've found myself dying around as much as I did during my first save. Also if you plan to play on insane and make it to the tundra, watch out for the 2.6 million damage dealing hotblooded gulantis.

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There's a reason it's called "Insane" :sass:
But yeah, the game is much easier after the first playthrough.

Back to topic, this is definitely a great idea! WHY NO BETA TESTERS THOUGHT ABOUT IT?! (that and that you could lose your pets in the middle of nowhere)

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I got womplorded a few times when fight Baary a few times on my original save. I would recommend using items like the blow gun that affect only one and are ranged to draw one at a time away and kill them or just leave them further from your main target.

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