The cannot be accessed from mobile browser.

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Hello there!

I bought this game last month. Definitely one of the best mobile game out there.
Yesterday I bought new phone. I did not realized that I need to register to get the cloud save benefit.

So then I registered, but then it is not just working outside the box. I got prompted again to input my payment detail. However, I am not sure why the cannot be accessed from mobile browser. It says that I reside in wrong country, etc. At this time I just do not care anymore and just reset my old Android phone.

Just right now I realized that CAN be accessed via desktop browser. So what I just did are these.

1. Open the form again from mobile browser.
2. Emailed to my self the link.
3. Open the link from desktop browser.
4. Input my payment detail number.
5. Done.

So it is not convenient. Why not just us Google Cloud, I thought Google provides Android game with cross cloud saving. It is not cross platform to iOS but it just works out of the box for the Android users.

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I think they try not to use third party services to
- Be independent as much as possible
- Allow crossplatforminess (because if you buy it on steam or iOS your saves can by sync with all other devices)

Mostly :)

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@notalentgeek I have no idea why mobile access to Google Payments is wonky, but most people get a receipt right into their email inbox upon purchase so it isn't as big a deal most of the time. We don't use Google's cloud services because we need our own cross-platform service anyway, and we don't also want to add development time to add and maintain API use for cloud services on every single platform we publish to. We already have an enormous amount of support overhead to maintain our games on so many platforms, and we want to do everything we can to keep that from growing even bigger.

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