Wrong dialogue at the end of the game

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Alright so I finally killed Hewgodooko. I came back and ziktix (the green brubus, idk his name) showed up and told me that there are too many vommas and that i have to kill 15 of em. Guess this happened cuz i never met him in the bawg, being busy with other stuff. So for players that don't get to do his quests, he should say somethin like: Good work, disordered. I might use your skills. Meet me in the bawg. I hope you will fix this. EDIT: The quest name is Vomma Blood (Or something like that)
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Have the quest name handy? It's hard for us to track things down otherwise!

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Well i think it is Vomma Blood

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FIXED! Hehheheheh

thanks for the note!

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