Difference between Blo-Pipe and Plague Injector?

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Seems each element has a relative weapon that does that damage. What's the difference between the Blo-Pipe and Plague Injector? Is it only that the Plague Injector does splash damage? I thought the Blo-Pipe does too. I'll go check. Is that the only elemental weapon that is duplicated? I haven't found fire or cold's updated weapons yet, but I finally see the first shock projectile weapon (I have the shock shield one already).

And is it the DPS at the time of crafting? The Blo-Pipe doesn't seem to do more than 200 dmg even tho my DPS is 1000+.


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They differ in how they apply poison. The plague injector will cause a spreading contagion, leaping to all enemies within range of the first one targeted, whereas the blo-pipe is single target.

Damage is calculated at the time of the gadget's use, so if you get better weapons it'll do better damage. Keep in mind that it's applying a Damage over Time effect, so the total damage (say, 1000) will be spread over 5 ticks (of 200 each).

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Thanks! Yeah, I noticed that it was DoT after posting and meant to come back and edit it. I think it's because the cold wand does the damage all at once so it seems stronger, even though it's the same.

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