Wizboxes are weird

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I don't know how many I've found, but it's about 3. I don't even know if they even do anything. And who knows. They might be related to the gnomes. How many have you found? Do you know if they do anything? Please tell me if so.

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I found two of them. I think if you will find all 3 boxes, you will open a secret questline

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I know of two Whizboxes: one in the Duskwatcher's Lake in the Bawg, and one in a secret area in the Tundra. I was hoping the Juicemancy Patch would unveil a super secret awesome use for these components: like permanently add an extra stat to an item! Sadly, this appears not to have been the case.

For those who don't know what we're talking about, they drop from a pod that looks like this:

You can see that after I destroy the pod, I end up with my second Whizbox in my inventory. But after this moment there's no more way to check how many you have or do anything with them. I kind of wonder if it's possible to get multiples to drop if you have the Wealthy Statuette?

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This is normal if I don't find the wizbox in the duskwatcher lake? I only saw 2 water tile(it's not a tile but whatever) at the center of a circle.

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Yup I think this one disappears when Grubby appears!

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