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Ok. so I've built a fishing spot with over 20 fishing holes to go after the Megagong. Made a few fish bombs and started exploding 9 holes (3x3) at a time. First of all, so fun to watch millions of stuff flying in the air.

Now to the serious part. I've looked around the forums and everyone saying how hard it is to get the Megagong and all. So I prepared myself for looooong hours of farming. Guess what? On the second bomb I've used, MEGAGONG!

I don't know if I'm lucky, but just wanted to share this crazy and cool event with you guys! And wish everyone has the same luck as I did!!

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Yup, you got really lucky!

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I don't know... a lot of people have been saying it's pretty easy to get compared to the other gongs, personally I'm still having trouble with the bonkagong.

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blasted mine from savannah
unlucky fishing in bawg. took me 3 tries to get that epic gong weapon

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You're welcome!!! I'm the Beta Tester to blame for that, because it took me 6 weeks to get one 'gong.... I bitched so much Seth fixed the odds for y'all. XD

But yeah, 2nd try is super rare. Usually takes about 1 or 2 hours of fishing for it to show up on average I believe. Which is still way less time then it took me. But congrats! Megagong is awesomesauce!

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