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Ready for an epic rant about something almost completely pointles? *deep breath* recently i downloaded the crashlands ost on steam and converted it to google play. (Because im too dumb to actually think about the fact that it might be on google play) anyway i was looking through and i found "number 16 embiggened! In all caps" and i was like hey this looks cool! It must be from when i embiggen a pet! So then i listened to it and it was good. Usually i prefer other types of music but this was good. So then i finally managed to embiggen another pet and realized that the cutscene cuts out before the end of the song. Is there an easy way to make it so the cutscene plays for the length of the song and then make it skippable by clicking or tapping? (Dont want you to go to too much trouble considering youve got other things to do)

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