Question Regarding Teleporters.

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I apologize if this was already answered in-game (and I merely forgot), but - as I played through Towelfight 2 - I seriously began to wonder about something: how are the teleporters affecting Flux Dabes?

We've seen that Hardik pretty much hurls his guts up each and every time he teleports around, yet Flux Dabes never does the same. As far as I can tell they're both using the same kind of teleporters, which leaves me wondering if she's actually doing the same inside her Bureau provided spacesuit each and every time. Alternatively I guess her suit might somehow be keeping her from getting ill like Hardik was, the suit's Steam Card claims it can make someone nearly immortal when worn (not counting factors such as violent demises).

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This is an important question. It's definitely one of:

1. She gets sick every time and vomits in her suit.
2. The suit protects her from the horribleness of teleportation.
3. She's just more badass than Hardik.

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