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Hey Guys

It's cool you've made a female main character for the story line. But Flux does'nt look female in any way. As an english as a second language speaker I found out, that Flux is a girl as i reached the Tundra - and still wondered about it.

Some german test-pages [http://www.appgefahren.de/crashlands-neues-rollenspiel-von-butterscotch-shenanigans-legt-wert-auf-crafting-160697.html] still talk about a male character - they did'nt even find out for the whole playthroug, that it's a girl.

Same way with female Tendaram, Brubus or Polari. How do I see, that grandmammy is a girl and baarnabus a boy for example?

Don't missunderstand me - i love the game (3 full playthroughs with all quests). Just wanted to tell, if Sam is doing new art for a possible sequel, he should think about female character design like the guys from Yacht Club games http://yachtclubgames.com/2017/03/designing-body-swap/ .

That's a perfect example - but if I'm playing an female character, she should look a little bit more female besides the purple Color of her suit. Thanks for listening :)

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There's a reason to push this thread - sorry for spamming dudes.

Benjamin Sawyer has done a great job in doing a female flux.


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I know female people who have a body type like Flux. Why do you think she doesn't look female?

I for example don't like the color of the suit (purple). I think there are good examples for better colors, for example this one: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-Dz1WMgUXPSM/V ... 00_hit.gif
When playing a character with a suit it should actually look like a real suit, I think! Like, black an stuff!

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I'm talking about this flux, not the flux from the comics:


If it looks female to you, how a male character would look like then? Flux does have the typical v shaped body of a man in this artwork and also in the game. I can't imagine how a male Flux would look like, then.

The Color is ok, since you can change the armor imho.

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