Help me understand map generation in a new game.

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I am a bit late to the party but am loving this game. However my map never changes between saves. All resource locations, lakes, tar pits, you name it, are located in the exact same spot with each new save. Kinda kills the novelty after a while. Here is how I play the game:

Saves > New Save
Play until I get a death (I'm trying to beat the game with zero deaths. I know it's nuts.)
Delete save (or not, tried both)
Saves > New Save
... and so on.

Why does my map look identical between saves? I thought the game procedurally generates most of the map during game creation, but my game does not do this.

Thanks for your time!

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0 Deaths? on what difficult? I ended insane with more than 600 xDDD. Almost all the creatures of your level will one shot you, so one false move and here you go. Finishing with 0 deaths will be a titanic feat! Good luck!

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All saves should have different geography, but all of the points of interest (which are manually created) are roughly in the same spot. Are you sure that the geography is the same? Or is it that you were expecting everything to be different?

If your maps are literally the same, that's a bug. In that case hit up

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