Crashlands 2?

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People say the story of crashlands is great and I like it as well, but it felt like there could still be more story connected by Towelfight 2, Quadropus Rampage, Flop Rocket, Roid Rampage. Yes I know there are secret perks relating to them, but I felt like the floating heads should have more purpose. I love your game and wish there is going to be a Crashlands 2 with deeper stories into your app your games.

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As for Crashlands 2, maybe some day but probably not anytime soon.
And since Bscotch upped their game with the first Crashlands, and they learnt that stories are better when not hacked up together at the last second (Towelfight 2/Quadropus, unsure as to when they realized something like that).

It's not unlikely that their next big game will have some solid story, continuing what was only the beginning. It may be a direct temporal continuation, a jump back... Anything, but I think we'll see more of that universe, even if it's not in Crashlands 2 ;)

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