Crashlands on a late 2013 MacBook Pro

Talk about Crashlands with your fellow players here! NOT for advice and help.
I see the system requirements for Mac's but not sure how 'smooth' it would run on my older Mac.

2.4ghz i5 (dual core)
4gb ddr4 ram
some weird 1536mb Intel Iris GPU lol

SOMEONE PLEASE HELP MEHHH. Just wanted to verify before I either purchased and it not work..or purchased and it look like bantha dung. :mrgreen:

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Minimum requires for the MAC version of Crashlands are as follows:

OS: OSX 10.9.5, 10.10
Processor: 2.0 Ghz
Memory: 2.5 GB RAM
Graphics: 128mb Video Memory
Storage: 400 MB available space"

Considering you have above the minimum on both Ghz and RAM you should be more than good. Not sure what the GPU will do, but Crashlands is primarily created for mobile devices. They purposefully keep the minimum requirements low so that the maximum range of devices can play it, the same reason that the file size of the game is so low as well, so that it doesn't take up much space on your mobile device. But it's all done with such attention to detail that gameplay does not suffer for it, even once you switch over to a PC/Mac - on the other hand it only enhances it!

Your Mac is more than capable of running it so go ahead and give it a shot! You'll find that it should run perfectly fine and you'll have a ton of fun with it. ^_^

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