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Hey there,

I've readet bout the new holy-moly patch you guys did planned. And I thought it's already out :blush:

Because i got an update of crashlands recently - and the game interface looks a little bit other. Bleeding has a fuchsia color now.

But there was no new weapons and no new game-modes - so i knew the patch was'nt released now. So I checked the newsletter and seen the small word upcoming :blush: .

Do you think it is usefull to bring a new patch for crashlands? It will bring me back to the game for 20 h easily i think - but are there so much players?

How do you guys want to change the weapons? At the moment they are realy close to each other just differing in some small stats like the attack speed and this stuff:
Crit Chance (Axe)
Bleed Chance (Sword)
Stun Chance (Hammer)

Will there be another megagong, too?

In my opinion the game really needs some endgame-content - if you add these low-level-weapons it wont give an advantage for players which are done with the story.

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This is our first major patch for well over a year, and we hope that it's the start to a series of patches that add some stellar content and features to the game.

You're right that a patch won't bring a lot of players back, but we want to do what we can to keep the game fresh and keep making it better for those who do come back!

We'd love to add end-game content, but we first need to address the things that prevent people from getting to the end-game in the first place. This patch is the first step to address that, so we'll see what comes next!

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@bscotchAdam Any schedule update on when will the patch be released?

I concur with patching won't bring more people to the game, maybe Twitch streaming might help? I do wish the game gets more attention it deserves.

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Update's out!

Great work guys: I love it, especially the hardcore mode. Did'nt think it would be that fun. Died yesterday in Savanna :x after 3 hours of work on ludicrous...

So let's see next try now... Patch's name has changed too.

Is anyone in the forum playing it, exept from me?

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