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Goodnesss gracious me, I’m in tears. My 5th game on hardcore mode, over 4 hours in, and on the final boss on the Savannah (I forget his/her name, the mushroomy one) I stay in range juuuust a second too long to deliver what would be the the final vinegar stroke and I’m splatted AND ITS GAME OVER YOU EVIL SWINES!!!

Thanks for the greatest game on iOS.

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Thanks 4 the Thread, dude.

After 24 hours of steam gameplay and estimated 15 hours more on android I got through the game on ludicrous difficulty, which was really annoing. 15 hours of game time as my savegame says.

Let's be honest - there are some tricks u can save and reload via bscotch ID if you try a little. But I won't explain them because this is'nt the way the game is intended to be. Also I will try it again with the knowledge i got now.

Just some tipps if anyone wants to try Hardcore mode on ludicrous (may be usefull in story mode, too):

  • The most important stat on weapons is move speed - you crucial need it to avoid damage, espacially at the beginning. Move speed on armor is useless, because it will allways just roll with low stats as seen in the wiki.
  • If you generate (produce) a weapon it will apper in the queue. After it appears ther, don't take it. Better save the game e.g. via sync to cloud and after it take the weapon. If there is no move speed on it, end the game with alt+f4 or the mobile's task manager. After you reload the weapon will be in the queue again and roll other stats.
    • It is not important to get a higher move speed stat than 5 % - and you don't need a green or better weapon. A white weapon with 5 % movespeed is better imho than a pink weapon without movespeed.
  • If you are able to craft the Mercurial Batshoes just craft them. They will give you permanent + 5 % movespeed and If you wear an axe you will get + 2 % on top for free.
  • You can see how mighty an enemy is, if you look at the colour of his name. Details in this Thread.
    • Red 3+ Levels overleveld
    • Orange 1 or 2 Levels overleveld
    • Yellow: same Level or up to 4 Levels underleveld
    • white: 5 or more Levels underleveld
  • all in all this means: DON'T attack the red font coloured enemys, if you can avoid it. They will be insanely tough and kill you with one single hit.
  • If you find plans for non-melee gadgets like the blo-pipe, the fingarang or the flamethrower craft them as early as possible. Melee is very dangerous on ludicrous. A pet like a small wompit can help you - with the downside of maybe luring other enemys to you because of splash damage.
  • I would recommend the following progress in the savanna:
    • Craft the weapon, re-roll (with gameclosing) till you got at least 5 % movespeed.
    • craft the tools u can, like a better saw or pickaxe
    • craft the armor. I don't think i could recommend any stats here - toughness or a resistance below 50 % is not very usefull - just health to survive the small wompits at first. But still try not to get hit by anything. Usally you can afford it to get hit by an orange enemy if your weapon is the same level as your armor - but with a full set. In contrast to weapons it may be usefull if you got a better coloured version. The helmet is the most important, the chest the second because of their possible values.
    • Craft the best potions: they do have a lower cooldown than nature stuff and you can upheal better. There are some buff potions which could give u regeneration and stuff. But be carefull: you will need to kill mighty (maybe red coloured) enemys to get them.
    • If you have crafted a level 11 weapon and armor you could try the bosses. This is really hard without juicemancy options - maybe the hardest point in the game. Potions may help you - maybe some resistances for the bosses - eventually i will do a separate boss guide here in the forum. Atm i'm not sure which damage savanna-bosses deal.
  • If you got all bosses of savanna go to bawg, work like descriped. At first kill the Jessica-boss, which you can find at the Jilted signal. She will drop the Juiceforge-recipe which will really save your a**.
  • now you can upgrade items up to legendary and give your weapon up to +23 % movespeed and armor up to 80 % resistance (on head). Most enemys deal physical and one elemental (Ice, Fire, Poison, Electric) damage: if you want to slay bamlis just take your Electric resistance to 90 % and attack them - they are much lesser dangerous now. But you still need to be carefull if there are other enemys with other damage types.

There may be even more to say - but that's it for today - maybe someone thinks something other?

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What is a sawcle? I was looking around in creative mode without my invincibility on (a nice feature, I might add) and I was killed by a smash blossom. Then I saw a little spiked disk on the ground. I picked it up, and it was an uncommon (good) item named a sawcle. Problem is, I can’t put any images on with my iPad.

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eee102805 wrote:What is a sawcle? I was looking around in creative mode without my invincibility on (a nice feature, I might add) and I was killed by a smash blossom. Then I saw a little spiked disk on the ground. I picked it up, and it was an uncommon (good) item named a sawcle. Problem is, I can’t put any images on with my iPad.

Did you found it or did you imagine you found it? I can't remember a item called this way.
Here is how to take screens on iPad: https://www.imore.com/screenshot-ipad...

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We actually have someone who beat Ludicrous Hardcore? If with re-rolling equipment crafts. I'm still impressed!

I've been very vocal about how badly thought out hardcore in a game like Crashlands is. Seeing it takes 15 hours of game time (not including what from my experience in pre-hardcore is several hours more of re-rolling) is not changing my mind there.

Just how stressful must the final boss have been for you? Actually on that front, am I right in thinking it's the 9 lesser bosses and only the third Hewgo fight?

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I'm not the only one. I met someone in discord, who dunnit, too. Without tricks like me q: .

The last boss was awfully easy with fire, poison and fire resistance on 90 %. The bosses are easy with the moment, when you are able to juice resistances.

Atm I'm adding the Damage, the boss deals into the wiki - for example https://crashlands.gamepedia.com/Baconweed_Fairy or https://crashlands.gamepedia.com/Ynnix in the small boxes at the side. I also added the signals name.

The hardest part of hardcore in my opinion is just, that every enemy with a higher level is able to one-shot you if you don't got resistances. So you ALWAYS need to be extremely carefull and sure there's no dangerous enemy near you.

And yes, You will face 9 bosses and hewgo just at the end.

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Yeah, boss damage types would be a very useful bit of information, but regular enemies are my primary concern too... some regular enemies are just instant-aggro-instant-attack-one-hit-kill (on Ludicruous). I died two or three times on my original Insane run just from an enemy noticing me, and that makes me highly stressful in Bawg.

This game is genuinely haunting me right now. I've wanted to pick it up every day for a week or two to continue but I'm finding that I'm too scared to do so every time. Just to get to the Bawg I gave myself one horrible day at work after playing a few hours into the previous night, miserably, to recover my progress from a random-crit death that should not have been. It'd be even worse the further I get.

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If in Savanna always mark every Juice Crystal Cluster (no image till now, sorry) with a sign. This is important because it's an easy way to get juice every day [Re-Spawning every 6 hours I think].

If you was in bawg already it's nice and makeble. Try to fight Jessica as soon as possible. There you will get the Juiceforge schematic - now you can roll fast movespeed to your weapon. Don't forget to craft the Batshoes in Savanna. It should be way more easy to dodge enemys now.

I understand your frustration. Sometimes it feels like CrashLands was'nt made 4 hardcore, just because it's too hard with every small mistake.

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I do have the crystals marked, but still that's a bunch of extra time to harvest wood, craft and place signs (especially if you run out and have to go back to make more) then regularly harvest the juice. It means by the time the very probable random-aggro-crit-death happens, you've just lost MORE time to that run.

Similarly, before I got hit by this reoccurring fear to keep playing, I was noticing that the workstation recipes seem to drop from everything that drops their ingredients, meaning (I think) you can get the last tier of gear in each biome before fighting any of its bosses (not that that helps if they decide to just crit you).

Crashlands isn't made for hardcore. When it still takes hours of grinding to progress, and when crits are still both possible and every bit as lethal it's also obvious that they haven't even tried to address that.

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Ionic since you started your tips for beating hardcore on ludicrous in this thread. Do you have any advice on stats besides speed and raise defenses to 90%?

Also what sort of pet did you use? I've always been partial to Vommas but the splash seems to aggro too much and I have found myself running in fear too many times to count.

As for gameplay on bosses I've mainly been maintaining pet aggro with something like blowpipe and the wrench while running around in circles, occasionally going in for some safe hits. Any tips there as well?

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