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Hardcore mode

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@greedybuddha: The bosses are'nt the problem in hardcore, if you got some resistances. The real problem are the stupid enemys which can kill you with a single hit. Always be aware of them.

I like the wompit pet, because it gives toughness and deals fine damage - but to be serios I never really experimented with pets. Maybe @Jacktopus has some tips, too?

The tactic with the blo-pipe & wrench may be nice. You'll get the Fingarang and the Flamethrower Schematics, early too - use them also.

If it comes to Leveling, make sure you got the same armor-level as your weapon - you see the level of the gear in the workstations. Since the bosses level with you, they will level with your weapon. If you got a Level 21 weapon and only level 17 armor the bosses will kill you even faster.

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So I just beat Hardcore on Ludicrous difficulty thanks to this thread. Here are my thoughts and an idea of what I did.

I beat the game with Level 11 armor/weapon. All the dusk gear. The idea was to get through the Savannah but skip the Bawg and Tundra. I was willing to die in the Savannah, but trying to do the normal progression in the Bawg and Tundra and then dying is just such a huge loss of time (not to mention the raging and cursing). My play time was ~6hours (which didn't include all the reloading for gear selection).

Tried to progress as fast as possible. For Zugs and Tartils I would only fight them with 60%+ resistances in either electric or fire. I've died too many times to a one off hit. On other mobs I tried to have as much resistance as I could.

I waited until the end of the Savannah to take out the bosses. I wanted to get most of the trinkets and the hearth for potions. After that I did the quit and reload trick to get a set of resistance armor appropriate for each boss. I had 2/3 pairs of dusk armor with different resistances. Resistances are VITAL, for bosses I had 70%+ (85%+ when I got the juiceforge). After getting 2 resistances high there really are no other armor stats to spare. Weapon was 10% move speed, other stats are just icing. I used the axe with the trinket for 7% extra move speed. Taking down the bosses was then pretty normal, a lot of going in to attack and running around in circles while the wompit smashed them up.

Got the first 2 workstations to get the juiceforge and got the cauldron. Kept my level 11 gear as you only need to kill low level vommas and wojacks. Be careful running/fighting around nurvas as the electricity can hurt/kill you. (Don't be that guy that died to an immobile plant). I used the cauldron to make Blegh Healing potions. Then just got resistances to 85%+ and took down the bosses.

Scary!! Smashblossoms are insta kills and I was paranoid running through them. The EMG was a normal kill. The IHO and Poteti I had to improvise.
IHO: I had 90% Toughness and Fire. So I could take a couple of hits. But the problem was that I seemed to do almost no damage to him. His health seemed at least 20 times that of the other bosses with level 11 gear. No idea why. But I did small slivers of damage that were unnoticeable when I hit. I had to run away and regear with Damage Reflect to kill him (~300% dmg reflect) (and even then it was a long battle, like 50 healing potions or more long). Maybe his health didn't scale due to a bug?

Poteti: You can't get Ice resist on Level 9/11 armor. (I didn't try others below that). That meant I had 0% ice resist. This was a bad bad idea. I barely survived by only attacking him with blowpipe and letting pet slowly take him down. A stray minor hit took out nearly all of my life. I'm sure most hits would have been insta kills. I don't know why I took this risk going this far (well I do.. I really wanted to beat it with level 11 gear since I had come this far), but it was not good. I eventually won though.

Hewgo: I had 90% Toughness and Electric Resist. 300% on dmg reflect. He died within a minute no problems. Pet barely had time to even get a couple of attacks in it was so quick.

Random Tips: You can run away from bosses. It takes a long time but you can. I did this twice on the IHO and once with the Poteti. If you realize you just can't make it against a boss... run and come back.

My Pet: Wompit: for the toughness. If I didn't need resistances I would have used the vomma(which I never actually even got).

If I had to do it again (which I won't):
I would take down Baconweed Fairy and Baary with Level 1 gear. Miraglyths approach there seems to be the best, and you get useful trinkets and it gets 2 bosses out of the way asap without worrying about gearing.

I would get level 13/15 gear in the bawg. I would do this for the ice resist, and potentially to have an easier time with IHOs huge amount of life.

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I thought I'd replied the same day that post was made... apparently not.

That's actually a very useful report. If it was 6 hours game time, just how much real time was involved to do that much gear rerolling? I'd wager another 6 minimum, since besides the first set (which for me invariably seems to favour rolling Toughness) I find that getting purple gear is quite rare still. Hardcore doesn't seem to have done anything about that.

It's interesting to see that a hybrid low-level solution is viable. Primarily I'm still wondering what on earth is up with Blockstock and (if your report is anything to go by) IHO.

Higher-level weapons aren't going to do much about the rate at which they die due to scaling, so... does it always take like 20+ minutes to kill them, no matter how you damage them...? That seems like it would be really woeful design, so I'd like to give them benefit of the doubt. But I'm not aware of many possibilities that would kill them faster.

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