Can't play saved game on PC after playing on Android phone

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I started the game on my PC then uploaded and played the same saved game on my Android phone, and now I get an error message when I try to play on PC again

Error message is.
"Had some trouble loading the campaign. Hit play again, and make sure you are on the web!"

I have tried deleting and reinstalling the game from my pc. I tried clearing the cache and the manual syncing on phone and computer. I tried deleting from %appdata. I tried redrawing the map and resyncing from the Android device. I tried logging out then re logging back in. I tried installing the game on a whole different computer. Also I tried running the game from Steam and Origin. None of these worked. The save file does show the updated play times on the computer.

My guess is somehow the android version is different or something. Any other ideas?

Edit* Waiting till later seemed to work, after playing on phone again (which I already tried before) as well. The phone version is 1.3.20 (cut off on screen) something and the computer version is Not sure what fixed it.

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Note that there are some errors in cloud syncing, too.

If you play now on your phone and press sync to cloud - and want to start it on your pc, you may won't get the updated save file from your phone.

To go sure i place a sign in the screen - write some useless stuff like <HEWGO SUKKS> on it and press to save button. If I start the pc file now and there is no sign i know it did'nt work.

To fix it i delete it on pc, go to the phone (maybe the save is'nt cloud anymore now), sync the save to cloud now. Now I'll start the PC, go to cloud saves - start the wished state and it will be the updated edition.

This is vice versa with the phone edition.

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