1000 sprites, Internal alpha testing

Talk about Crashlands with your fellow players here! NOT for advice and help.
I continue trying to convert the masses. Word of mouth... beating my significant other into trying things.

Showed him the gif of the "acid base". He thinks it's nifty. Might be able to convince him to play (and pay) once we got the bugs sorted out. :)

Slowly buy surely we will convert the world. Mwahahahaha.

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[url=/profile/7/BscotchAdam]BscotchAdam[/url] said:

If only more people felt that way :(

I just registered to agree spending my money on whatever financing model you use on Crashlands. Preferably a pay once (premium) option. Your games rock :)

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@Tichy? thanks!

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I'm definitely considering to give you my money. ONLY FOR YOU!
With a gift card i don't want google to know my credit card infos.

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Just make sure you don't buy that gift card with a credit card!

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Fortunately, Google Play cards are everywhereeeeee. :D
Make sure you check the back isn't scratched off beforehand :p

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Seems you already had problems with that.
Guess I'll have to take some money to buy a gift card when you release your game :)

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