Talk about Crashlands with your fellow players here! NOT for advice and help.

Stay positive, give people the benefit of the doubt, and be newb-friendly. We take this stuff really seriously. Despite popular belief, the Internet has become an extension of real life: it is not a place where you get to be an ass without consequences. You should behave just as well on the web as you are supposed to in real life. Better, even, since everything you do on the web creates a permanent record of how awesome or horrible you are!

These forums are an extension of BscotchID. This means that if you violate our our DON’T BE A JERK policy or our general Terms, in-game or in the Forums, we can AND WILL take action against your account. These could include blocking you from the forums, blocking you from all BscochID social interaction, or even suspension or permanent deletion of your account (meaning you'll lose access to all of your data everywhere).

So don't be a jerk.


At the moment, the admins are the developers themselves (@bscotchAdam, @bscotchSeth, and @bscotchSam). We make no money maintaining these forums (in fact, we lose money doing it) but do so because community is important and we want to help ours thrive and grow in a purely positive way.

Moderators are trustworthy players who have been in our forums for a while, written lots of posts, and are super friendly. They are volunteering their time and don't owe you (or us) anything. If everyone follows the rules they won't have to do anything at all, which is what you should strive for.

These are RULES; there are consequences to not following them.

R1. Do not post content that could, either directly or indirectly, infringe intellectual property or any other laws, or violate our Terms. Such content will be removed by moderators immediately and may be banned if it is egregious (warned if it is minor).

R2. Any many-sprited or bigoted behavior is a zero-tolerance offense and is the surest way to get banned from the forums and even from in-game aspects of BscotchID.

R3. These forums are for the Butterscotch Shenanigans community only. You are welcome to discuss non-Bscotch things (in the appropriate forums -- e.g. Off Topic), but you absolutely may not do commercial stuff (e.g. advertising) anywhere. If you post off-topic stuff in the wrong place, it will be moved and you will be warned. If you post commercial or otherwise inappropriate stuff ANYWHERE, it will be removed and you will be banned.

R4. Profanity should be kept to a minimum, should not be directed at people, and should not be grossly offensive (that would fall under the Being a Jerk category). We'll let the community sort out where the line is between OKAY and NOT OKAY.

R5. Moderators are always right: if they ask you to do or stop doing something, listen to them. Do not argue. Swallow your pride, apologize, and move on. If you are certain that you have been wronged by a moderator, let one of the developers know.

You should follow these. You won't be punished for screwing up, but you will annoy people! Moderators will warn you when you have strayed from these guidelines.

G1. Before starting a new thread, make an honest effort to see if a similar one already exists. Duplicate posts waste everyone's time!

G2. Think carefully about the title to your new post. It should be short but contain enough information that a reader will know exactly what it's about without reading your post. Ambiguous titles will prevent people from finding your post during a search, and may prevent people from reading your post at all.

G3. Think carefully about WHERE you put your post. We have many forums to choose from, and some are much more appropriate than others for any given topic. Putting stuff in the right place makes it easy to find. Putting stuff in the wrong place makes it impossible to find anything. Moderators will move posts to the proper place, and will be held responsible if they end up deleting your post in the process.

G4. Keep the discussion constrained to the topic at hand. This one is hard to maintain. Sometimes it's totally fine if a discussion goes off the rails, and sometimes it's not (especially on the support forums, for example). Just take a moment to think about whether your response will derail the conversation and whether or not that would be okay.


The forums are generally the property of either Butterscotch Shenanigans or of 3rd parties who make the software. User-generated content is the property of the user who generated that content. Our Terms and Legal section cover this in detail, but in short here's the deal. Anything you post is YOURS, but by posting you grant us certain non-exclusive rights. Most importantly, you grant us and the moderators the right to modify and redistribute your content within the forums. Otherwise we'd be unable to store your content, make it visible, or moderate it! You are free to remove or request removal of your content at any time. We reserve the right to remove or modify your content at any time and without warning. This also means that we do NOT guarantee storage of your content, so make your own backups if you want permanence of your created content. While we will not misuse user-generated content, we cannot guarantee that other users will be so ethically minded. Finally, note that the developers can access your private messaging history. They only do so when a technical problem requires it or when investigating misbehavior, but just be aware that the system does not guarantee privacy.

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