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Doubloons after Butterup

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Hi guys,..
Really enjoy the game, buttered up pretty quick... even though on a tablet you can just turn off wifi lol...

Anyway, a couple of things:

After buttering up I ran a couple games, getting 500ish meters, buying some doubloon items, but very quickly ran out of doubloons! I couldnt justify spending more cash on game currency the very same day I paid for some butter. Ok, no problem, just run a few farming runs not spending any doubloons...

So I tried this, but without buying a couple artifacts, or spending 5 on a rez, you really don't fare so well. Definitely frustrating... I did finally beat normal, but would really like to see an increased doubloon gain for butter ups... am I way off base?


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The ButterUp DOES give you increased Doubloon gains (by 5X!).

The game is designed so that it is balanced in the absence of doubloon purchases (after ButterUp). You should think of Grubby stuff as bonus items; we didn't intend that players would resurrect frequently (just on really good runs) or need to buy every grubby item (just the ones that seem particularly useful for the given run). The rate of Doubloon drops for the ButteredUp game is meant to provide enough doubloons (without having to purchase extra) that you can buy Grubby wares every so often, but not every time, so that you still have to save up and make decisions. To us, that is part of the fun of the game!

Also note that the doubloon drops are completely random. Humans are really good at finding apparent patterns in randomness, so if you haven't gotten any doubloon drops for a while you might feel like the rate is really low. But then you may suddenly get three drops in a row (I've gotten 5 in a row once). Game designers sometimes make things less random behind the scenes because, counter-intuitively, that makes it seem MORE random to the player. We didn't do that here!

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I for myself would not spend too many doubloons in the beginning. You can buy an occasional weapon but i would keep it low. Just upgrade your stats and try to unlock masteries that really helps! You get plenty when you defrat pete but yeah i would rather save them...

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Wow, thanks for the responses, so awesome to get developer input.... functioning as indended eh? I figured as much.

Yep, I do see the benefit/purpose of saving doubloons for big runs, not using a rez everytime, although it takes some serious time to get back down to 1000 depth, and by then the rez coin may have been used. (maybe i suck lol) But once you've invested time and doubloons into a run, just to die randomly, maybe fell a couple floors or got whopped with no shield or both, 20 doubs down the drain... that is really frustrating. Maybe more than 1 rez per run could be offered at increasing prices? i.e. normal run rez 1: 2 doubs. rez 2: 5 doubs. rez 3: 7 doubs, etc... just an idea.... and obviously not on hard modes, or double prices or something.

Also once you get pretty far, the artifact price goes from cheep to insane lol. 4 for 1 artifact seems a bit heavy. At first I was thinking maybe a way to skip floors (no not just jumping), but with inflation its best to play every floor.

The masteries for sure help a ton... and I did work on getting most...beat pete, and now working on hard mode....killer game.

Well, thanks for listening guys... really dig your stuff!
With the multiple game modes I don't think I'll be bored anytime soon.

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Thanks for the feedback, and we're pumped you're having a good time with it!

Are you playing on iOS or Android?

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Android on an 8" Samsung S3 tablet...

The game plays very well, looks awesome and has no lag what so ever! Button sizes are pretty easy to get used to on normal. Also just played a bit of towelfight2, also cool!

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