I hate my iPod a lot and this is why

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So I recently found flop rocket on accident and loved it after I got the hang of the controls so I started looking for other bs games and even got a bs ID I also found a ton of great reviews for a game called quadropus the only problem is that no matter what I do the game crashes as soon as I push the directional joystick ( iPod touch 4 6.1.6 last build supported on this device btw) is this a common problem or is it that I am working on outdated software and Needs must update my iPod to the newest model to be able to play what I hope will be my next favorite game? I hope not but if so I will btw as soon as Monday rolls around ill be able to get rid of those pesky ads in flop rocket I can't wait

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Glad you're liking Flop Rocket, and you WILL like Quadropus if is stops crashing...

We just pushed out an update yesterday (or Wednesday... time seems to move weirdly these days). That update fixed a few relatively rare game crashes, but seems to have introduced some other problems. We've had several people report the game crashing when they go to the in-game Upgrades screen. Seth is working on it, and maybe whatever the problem is will be the same one you have.

We don't do testing on all iOS devices, because there are just too many. All we know is that it should work with iOS8 in general, though the older hardware may have more trouble running it regardless. This is the first I've heard of your particular problem.

When the game crashes does it put up any kind of error message? If so, take a screenshot and send it our way!

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Do you get an error message, or does the game just close abruptly?

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It's just an abrupt crash no error message just a 3 second black screen and back to home page

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