Beat Pete's Reckoning!

Be a quadropus. Go on a rampage. And then talk about said rampage in this forum!
I've still only beat regular Pete, so as long as you're doing at least as well as one of the devs I think you can feel pretty good about it.

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Still my proudest achievement was beating Pete's reckoning. Took me forever, and did so many different combos of pets/masteries.

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I hate when I'm just about one depth away from Pete and I get so nervous and I end up dying from a really small enemy. :evil:

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Chatter, I usually fall while fighting a boss that would have given me an awesome weapon upgrade. Then I start pete with no bubble and die.

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@Dontinquire I can definitely relate to that! :lol:

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A lot of the time what kills me is my finger misses the bubble and I'm just standing in the middle of a bunch of enemies taking damage without knowing.

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oh god this feeling is so horrible, just looking down at your dead body, and your bubble off cooldown, shaming yourself and your quadropus family... :lol:
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I can finally post here, took so much freaking time, blood, sweat, and plenty of tears, but finally beat Pete's of the best days of my life right now :D

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