What is Pete based on?

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How did you get the general shape or idea of Pete, and if he's based on a sea creature what is it? If he's based on a general ESSENCE what is it?

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If I remember correctly he is part of a race called the viru (veeru? Veru?) of which contains many characters from the bscotch games like morg, jobi, q, and Tim.

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We needed some villians, and after I tried and failed horribly at making full-bodied, human-esque evildoers, I just embraced my inability to make anything but a head at the semi-correct proportions and the race of the Veeru were born!

Their helmets/chinstraps are responsible for dampening their intellectual power, as they have a tendency to go insane.

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Well, I think you have made such an excellent job...

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I love how you guys use lore as a solution and as a main part of the creative process. Sam can't make full bodies? BOOM NEW RACE! Then you get to see how the race progresses through the games. I in no way mean it in any way other than good. I love how you do it and keep it up boys.

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