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Heyo! We're working through the old games to get them prepped for Crashlands launch. As you may have heard elsewhere, that includes some changes to BscotchID (removing the purchase requirement for save syncing etc). It also includes a couple Crashlands-unlockable Perks.

If you never ButteredUp in Quadropus, or are a Beta Tester for Crashlands, you're in a perfect spot for this Beta. It'll be VERY SHORT, since we think everything is fine. Early next week we'll be submitting all the updates to iTunes so that we can launch everything at the same time.

To join the Beta, first join our Early Access G+ group: ... 9310322509

And then opt-in at: ... .quadropus

Feel free to leave questions/comments here, or in the G+ group.

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So what are you guys going to accomplish with the beta? Cause everything should already be working 100%, right?

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The goal is to have some people checking out the game, just in case the changes broke something :)

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Count me in!

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Yep, we fully expect everything to work. Think of it as staging while we get all the other games updated. This way you can get earlier access to the updated games, and if it turns out we're wrong about everything being functional one of you will catch it and let us know ;)

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