Love Quadropus Rampage and other games by BS but.. ugh

Be a quadropus. Go on a rampage. And then talk about said rampage in this forum!
I just found these great developers and I must say wow.. This game is loads of fun. Crashlands is amazing as well. I think I am going to support the developers on this Quad as well by buttering up.

But my single complaint is the Skins/Pets that you can't lock through orbs or anything. You can only unlock with perks or whatever and money. I'm really talking about Scubella the pet... It is rather lame but i guess thats the freemium model.

I guess the ability to unlock Scubella through other BS game is a cute idea but I still think Cash or other game is lame.
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You are mistaken, the cash option unlocks all the other ones not the perk ones. The pets you gain from perks are rewards for doing good and getting the perk requirements. They are to basically say "Hey congrats for using your skill and know how to do this here's a prize that you can only get by using that skill of yours" No fremimum involved here, just a nifty little cross game perk/reward system. The same thing exists for Crashlands, that allows you to get more quests for some achievements (I just beat the Quadropus one today and damn was that a pain in the butt). I hope this helps you understand a bit, these exist in all Bscotch games, not as something to pay for. But as a achievement/reward system that spans across all their games.

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Plus, as of recent updates, all those perks can be unlocked for free.
Save for the Flop Rocket ones, there are a few that needs you to be buttered up to have enough stuff to actually unlock the perk.

Just know that Quadropus Rampage was designed as a free game at first. You can play and beat normal mode without pets or paying anything.
Pets make your life easier but aren't necessary to progress.

Also, among the three that aren't buy-able, each has similar behavior to the ones you can buy, and the Butterbeast just requires you to log in. So it's a free pet basically :)
The two other ones need you to put quite a few hours in Towelfight 2 and Crashlands. The only Quadropus thing you will have to pay for is the Crashlands pet. Because you have to buy Crashlands.

I don't think I'm making a lot of sense. Sorry about that.

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I actually just recently unlocked scubella and gravely, and they are so fun to use, the crossovers from playing the other games makes it so much better to me.

I earned those pets and met them and befriended them and understand them, and now they fight as one with me and my quadropus, feels good man. :lol:

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I hadn't been able to get BScotch ID to work the first time I killed Blockstock so I didn't get that perk even when I finally got an ID and was able to log on after the fact. Kind of a bummer. Thankfully it unlocked during my second play-through of the game, but I feel like BScotch ID should be smart enough to see that I completed that quest and retroactively activate the perk (especially because I wasn't logged in due to bugs/errors beyond my control!)

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It should be. Seth screwed it up. ;)

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Yes, that!

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Is it just me, or the Gravely perk is not showing on the Perks screen? I double-checked it to see how to unlock him, and it's the first time I hear it requires defeating Blockstock.

On a side note, Blockstock... easily the TOUGHEST MOTHERF-ing boss on Insane. No DBot, no Chrono Shifter, no Terrifying Fetish, several quick Two-hit KO attacks and that deadly, DEADLY fire. That pet shall be well earned!

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Some of the Perks are hidden -- only visible once you've unlocked them.

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Thanks Adam. I am sorry if I am wasting your time because it seems like a silly mistake on my part. I guess I just not read something important somewhere. A pity Juicebox isn't here to remind me again.

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