Accidentally Missed Pete's 700m Defeat Speech.

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So I recently got past Pete at 700m, but I somehow managed to give up the ghost the same time he lost interest. I was able to salvage my win by continuing, but this resulted in him jumping off the cliff without giving his speech. Does anyone know what he would've said if I hadn't perished at the most embarrassing moment possible?

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Basically just 'How dare you! I'm superior, you're lame. I'll see you at 1000m IF you ever make it that far. Ha. Ha." Etc. You didn't miss anything that would really be considered important for storyline, and certainly nothing that's Lore-relevant. Just keep going and you'll get him at the next battle. Maybe. IF you're good enough. Are you?

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Considering that I just fought him again at 850m, there's a distinct chance I just may be awesome enough to face Pete - and finally wipe that smirk off his face - at 1000m. Of course - to be fair - there's always the risk I'll be so awesome, so unbelievably cool, that I'll simply suicide along the way. One musn't ever become so awesome they'd destroy all of Woanope, that'd simply be all uncouth and uncivilized like. But man, I sure do hate it when I'm so Awesome that I spontaneously realize I can't live anymore :P

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