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Bscotch Brosnan, I just noticed a problem in quadropus. When Grubby drops down with an item to buy it says the purpose isn't known even though I've found all of them before and my library lists them. Just figured I would let you know about a minor bug.

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Yeah, mine's doing that as well, but I figured it was just a matter of having recently migrated devices. I had to log in again which means my local device doesn't have my previous instances of having come across those items, but they should still be attached to my cloud save which I downloaded. Hmmm, now you have me wondering how these things are memorized. @bscotchseth / @bscotchAdam - can you help with this one?

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Quadropus was the EARLY DAYS of our cloud saving skills, so we didn't do a great job of getting everything synced up between devices. The "Library" where your Artifacts are saved is probably not being synced up, so you may have to "rediscover" the artifacts.

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