Love the game, hate the IAP nonsense...

Be a quadropus. Go on a rampage. And then talk about said rampage in this forum!
Any chance you guys will rerelease a premium version of the game on iOS? Everything unlocked and remove the premium currency, just sticks to the basic currency even for items from end of level vendor?

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@LordGek? they are about to implement the butter up system for their ios games. For quadropus that means i think 5× the dabloon drops and lower converting costs next to other goodies

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The IAP will stay that way. Quadropus Rampage was designed around the IAP and they aren't able to remove it (one reason is because it would be negative for those who already paid). They talked about it a lot around everywhere.

By the way, you can easily play QR without buying the smallest thing. The base game is playable without using a single doubloon, at least in normal dives. It was designed to be.
They just help you (a lot sometimes), but keep in mind that the game is
skill-based, so you can unlock everything by playing, and it's
easier if you're good at it.

IN OTHER (SHORT) WORDS: no "premium" as you mean it. You must play to unlock stuff. Or pay a lot but I'm almost certain it was not meant to. :smile:
And every doubloon-based item is facultative.

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We've tried premium games in the past, but pirates prevent it from being a profitable model (we lost 2/3 of our investment on our first premium game). Our vision at the outset was to make pay-up-front games, but the players wouldn't let us.

Anyways, as Ulnarevern said, there are purchase items that will bring the game in line with a premium experience. The orb doubler is one of those things!

We're also in the process of integrating BscotchID into the iOS version of Quadropus, which will open up a "Butter Up" purchase item, which will give you cloud saving, full BscotchID integration (including cross-game perks and leaderboards), and will amplify the drop rate of doubloons in the world. That's a one-time purchase item, so in effect it's not much different than paying up front once.

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