Forn Hints?

Prep your eyelids; things are about to get hairy.
Great job on Forn!

For Pete, I couldn't ever come close until I started swimming off map a lot to let my bubble recharge then dodge back in, Bubble up, attack, swim out. It's kinda cheaty but I suck at games.

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Explosions are always the answer.

In videogames at least. Some of them.

And good luck with QR :)

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Use cyclops with all the autoaiming 'jectiles and spam firing while focusing on dodging his attacks. That and staying close to him so you actually hit him and you can see his attacks.

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Might be too late to get a response but HOW DO YOU FIND FORN? I have been running around in circles forever haha.

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After you defeat the last big boss (in the red area. Trying to avoid spoilers...) you should be able to click on one of the guys on your base to warp to the final battle with Forn.

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I beat Forn with the power of a T-shirt!

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Tips to beat Forn:
(I know Nea already gave some tips but this is just advice for future users)
1.STAY CLOSE TO HIM.This makes it easier to dodge his laser.
2.Use healing items for your super trio.
3.Shoot his lasers.(This fills up your super whilst making it easier to dodge).
4.My personal favorite super trio to use against him is: I love Bscotch T-shirt, Windflurry, and Pills.
5.Use El Clop.
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So if I have beaten Forn in the first try without any kind of preparation, am I kind of a pro ? :P I got Hydra, elephant, rabbit, zombie and dragon with the red thing on and the tshirt, double shoot and bag of money artifacts

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Kinda skilled I guess?
But I replayed the game and it's actually not that hard to be honest :P

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Seriously, I think Shroom is more powerful than Forn. Forn is too easy with unicorn. Kawaii power!!! :forn:

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