Will Hardik return?

Prep your eyelids; things are about to get hairy.
"You look at the racket, and from within you rises the inspiration bestowed upon you by the mighty Tack himself. This inspiration fuels your mighty rampage that immediately causes you to smash all the foes near you."

- Quoted from the "The big book of stuff and things that won't exist until after this book, so how this book contains this information is more concerning than the information itself" book.


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So it symbolizes the pure unadulterated rage that Tack has?

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The fact that the monocle was shattered brings up an interesting question. Most likely Jobi enchanted the monocle so it wouldnt break what with you dying over and over and it never breaking. Plus Jobi probably imagined hardik slipping on something, falling on his face and breaking the monocle and Jobi just enchanted it so it wouldnt break. So we can imagine that it probably took some serious power to break it. That could probably also release a lot of magical energy like elastic breaking but magic energy. This could explain the special enemies in both crashlands and quadropus rampage. We all assumed it was just the juice but what if it was this all along?

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