"Red" area won't open

Prep your eyelids; things are about to get hairy.
Padding what I emailed devs, just curious if anyone else had ran into this issue.

Nexus 5

After beating the last boss in the "purple" area I was almost instantly killed by something. Now I have a way point on my map pointing to home, presumably to open the "red" are, but nothing happens when I get there.

I've cleared cache and data and restored from cloud save, still same issue. Am I missing something?

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Did you have the dialogue after killing the boss?
And did you pick up the heart that you get when you kill a boss?

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Got the same bug when I wanted to unlock the extra Crashlands mission.

I fought and defeated the boss.
After defeating him and picking up the additional heart powerup I got killed by one of the shroom he summoned before dying.
After I died and landed in the center spawn area no one mentioned anything about me defeating the boss.
Revisiting the Boss arena and then teleporting to the center area did nothing. Restarting the game didn't help, the Red area remains shut and the NPCs say standard lines when I enter the center area.

Hope that this is resolveable... (Or that someone maybe manually unlocks the quest for me, would be fine as well ^^")

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You might need to just reset or if that doesnt work, uninstall and reinstall. It'll suck but its better than not being able to progress. :(

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