Why Put Ads In The First Place

Prep your eyelids; things are about to get hairy.
Why do you put ads in the game, when we exit the ad the map becomes blank until we go on menu and resume from there.

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Well the ads pay for the players behalf. The blank map is a bug I think.

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Blank map is a bug indeed. I think you can make it reappear if you open the map :)

Ads are here because it makes a really tiny small income for the devs (I think Towelfight 2 is still not making money, or not much). At first it was a pay up-front game that got pirated A LOT. Then it went free with some IAPs (spoiler: you don't really need IAPs BUT any IAP will let you forget ads forever) and ads.
I guess it's a rather limited inconvenience for a +10 hours free game though but that's my point of view ^^

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