How Big Is Towelfight 2

Prep your eyelids; things are about to get hairy.
You make a good point, just between rampage and towel fight I paid six dollars but only the g removed was ads and I didn't to much get any perks.

Still great games. Not being a jerk
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I can't argue with you :) All games I've buttered up I did more because I liked those games and wanted to support bros. Perks was just pleasant side effect.

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@jazzmastertone Oh no, I wasn't calling you a jerk at all haha! I was agreeing that TF2 has some crappy monetization and you should get more bang for your buck. Quadropus notably has more perks to it than TF does.

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Let's make a list:
- Towelfight 2 was buy-to-play at first. Free version is exactly the same. Butterup brings bonuses but that's not necessary
- Quadropus Rampage was free to play. Like, you can beat the game without paying. Still applies at least in the normal mode. Butterup is useful if you want to get further
- Roid Rage has a lot of unlocks with a Butterup but the game is still enjoyable without paying (even more with perks unlocks). Unlocks are bonuses.
- Flop Rocket is the game you get the most out of your Butterup, plus it allows you to unlock perks for Roid Rage that allows you to then unlock a quest for Crashlands

Basically, it's more about getting rid of the ads and supporting the devs

Also you don't have to butter up to get perks since January or February :)

That being said, Towelfight 2 is infinite, 10 hours or so for a first run. Much less for a second run, even on a guest save ^^

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